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Making Progress, Maybe, Finally?!!??

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hello all my Spark People friends!

If you know me... I try, and try, and try to make this work! Well one January evening, it finally click in my thick head, hee hee. Out to Dinner with my sister, she asked me a question and from that time on, I have done better!

She offered to help me, support me, and I took her up on it. But shortly realized, I really didn't need her support. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE her support and still enjoy it. But this time I was doing this! I was making it work for me!

I joined Planet Fitness and got on a routine. With a busy family, church, and just things happening, I haven't made it to PF as much as I wanted to. BUT, I'm doing my best to push for the three times a week!

I also over hauled my food! I'm back to measuring, weighing, and THINKING before I place stuff in my mouth! It's been hard at times, but I picture the finished ME and I just keep going!

So the reason for my blog today...
The scale is still going up, then down, then up, staying the same, etc. To this point (from Mid-January) I have lost 14 lbs. That's great for me!!! I love it!

BUT, here is what really helps me... not that scale going down... or up... It's the changes I see and feel in my self!

(1) I have this shirt I bought, and loved, but it seem to be clingy to me... my tummy, chest. I don't like that! Well last weekend, guess who tried that shirt on again?!?? YES, ME!!! And you know what, it was loose! I wore it proudly all day!

(2) I am an Eucharistic Minister at my church. I serve almost every weekend, my time on the schedule or sub'ing for someone. Well when we do, we stand in front of the whole church!! This past weekend, I choose my white pants (thinking Spring) and a navy blue shirt I love. Wish I had hubby take a picture. The shirt is a little clingy and the pants looked good on me. The whole outfit made me look skinny! I was super excited! I was happy to look in a mirror and say... that's ME!!!

Well, two people came up to me after mass and said how good I look and asked have I been loosing weight? You all know what that does to our self esteem... hee hee. I was so excited and pushed to keep going!

My birthday was last month and you know how you can get lots of coupons. Yes, I got the Dairy Queen one for a free blizzard... I went and got it, for my two cubs to share! I said "NO" for me.... I CAN do this.

(3) My jeans are fitting better!

(4) Since mid-January, I have moved in three belt holes!!! I love it getting tighter and will soon have to get a new belt (wink)

(5) For a birthday gift, a friend gave me a shirt... size Large. I usually get Extra Large. The shirt fit me, and nicely... not tight!

(6) My watch... I bought a new watch a while back. I never wear it because I needed to get a new band for it (little tight). I tried it on and it fits now!

(7) Ran into my SIL at the food store yesterday, and she said I look great... like I lost weight. hee hee

These are just some great things that are helping me to keep pushing! The scale may be staying the same, but things ARE changing, and for the good!

Thank-you to my Sister, Husband, Mother, all my AMC team Friends, and all the Sparkie friends that help me each day to keep pushing! God bless.

For now, baby steps, but soon... the new me!

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