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The Time Has Come To Post YOUR Streak Results! :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Where did all the time go? I don't know about you, but these 14 days flew by for me, and I can't believe we are already in April! With that said, it is time to post your streak results! Whether you did fabulously or you had a rough time, the point is that you tried and we want to hear about it. emoticon

My 14 day streak had 2 parts... to stay under 2300 mg of sodium per day and to not have any diet soda.

Sodium: 12/14
emoticon 14/14 emoticon emoticon emoticon

For the sodium, I had one planned girls night out that I knew would be way over, so other than that I only had one slip up towards the beginning, and I think that's pretty good. I am not sure if I see a huge improvement in how I feel... I was really looking for some good physical evidence that lowering the sodium would have a positive effect on me but I really haven't seen any. With that said, I did wind up bloated after my girls night out, so maybe not being bloated is the benefit ha ha (and for health reasons of course). emoticon

I think cutting the soda cold turkey was the way to go. I was originally just going to have it sometimes, but I think for me some will turn into a bunch, so it's best to stay away from it altogether. The sodium I will continue to monitor because I know excess sodium isn't good for you. I may not be as strict in the future, but I will definitely keep my eye on it.

emoticon During this adventure, I found Heinz No Salt Ketchup (5mg of sodium per serving), and it was quite tasty. I have always enjoyed Mrs. Dash Marinade and Mrs. Dash spices, so I will continue to use those. I have also found some other low sodium spices to add to my collection. I was able to balance eating things I love (tyson panko chicken tenders) that had high/moderate amounts of sodium, and still stay in my sodium ranges for the day. With some planning it can be done, and I don't feel like I had to sacrifice anything. I have never been one to do a complete overhaul. To go in the kitchen and throw out everything that doesn't fit into the "new plan". I am all about baby steps, and I will continue improving my diet as days go by.

emoticon My other March goal was to hit 2,000 fitness minutes, which of course I did and I shouted it from the roof tops. emoticon

emoticon In March I lost a total 4.4 pounds and I am happy with that! In the last 10 weeks of BLC I Have lost 13.6 pounds and am currently the 20th overall biggest loser! I will be so happy if I can finish in the top 30, there is 2 weeks left to go! emoticon

This is all about progress, and I feel like I am doing well. I am in a good place mentally and I am focused on getting to 90 pounds lost (182).

Without further ado, please let me know how you did on your streaks below! I really want to "goodie" everyone who participated in this with me, because you all keep me motivated to keep going. I may have just quit after I messed up on the 3rd day and said "ah, no one cares if I eat too much sodium". But doing this with all of you is what kept me going!

My plan is to continue the streak with the diet soda for as long as possible. I am also going to continue to monitor sodium but may not be looking at the amount of "streak days".

emoticon The next streak will be the last 14 days of April...April 17-30. I will post a blog on the 16th so that we can all decide what we want to do for our streaks! I know some of you fabulous people might still be streaking by then, and that is fabulous! Thanks again to everyone who joined me and I hope we can do it again in April! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I missed this challenge but you and those who joined did awesome!
    2634 days ago
  • MALAMI518
    I don't know how I miss this, but emoticon emoticon emoticon !

    Your streak helped me immensely! I was 13/15 (I started a day early) for no snacks other than fruit/vegetables, and the two days that I had other snacks were very controlled. I made it to goal during the streak, too!

    2635 days ago
  • TREV1964
    Just fantastic - and so very well done - I am truly proud to be associated with you in here.

    Cheers love and respect as always

    2636 days ago
    Wow! Amazing and well done!
    2636 days ago
    I am so happy for you with your numbers. Keep up the good work.

    I know you'll have a successful April.

    emoticon emoticon
    2636 days ago
    Congrats on your streaks. I went cold turkey on the soda 2 years ago and went 8 months without. Now I have about 1 a month. Due to my high blood pressure I am always watching my sodium.

    Made 12/14 days with 8 hours sleep.
    2637 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2637 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2637 days ago
    14/14 no soda

    14/14 sodium less than 1200 (I have been a label reader for a long time and this is a tough nut to crack!)
    2637 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2637 days ago
    I am 14/14 on de-cluttering/organizing but only 11/14 on ST. Too much socializing last week!! So I'll continue working on ST!!
    2637 days ago
    Yeah Stephanie!!!
    You rock!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2637 days ago
    emoticon You are rocking
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13669487
    Mine wasn't so bad either. I got 12/14 days with no diet soda. I am now going to really work on not drinking it and besides, it tastes like battery acid after not drinking it. I LOVE the mini challenges!!
    2637 days ago

    my streak was to watch my starches, I do okay, could have been better.
    2637 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Woo Hoo! You're doing great--not just with the mini streaks, but with your BLC, as well. Good for you! I have to eat less sodium. I try to stay under 1600 mg. I like the Heinz ketchup, too. I stay away from sauces, gravies, salad dressings, soups, and dairy, (cottage cheese has a huge amount of sodium). Dairy is easy because I'm allergic to whey and lactose intolerant.

    I walked 13/14 days. I think I'd change that to exercise and not limit it to just walking next time I choose to do this for a streak. My other streak was to go out to eat only once a week and I did it! Yeah!

    I like the mini streaks. Thanks for suggesting this! It gets me to focus in on one or two goals and decide where I need to improve. For the next 14 days, I'm going to be in bed every night at 10:30, barring some unforeseen circumstance, and be out of bed by 8 am or earlier. This also includes no eating after 7 pm. If I miss dinner, so be it. Some nights I go to bed at 10:30 and it takes until 10 am to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep. I've got to beat this insomnia. It's tied into exercise and when and what I eat. This is a constant struggle for me and because of allergies, it may always be an issue, but I need to come up with some better strategies.

    Oops, didn't mean to write a book!
    2637 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/1/2014 1:46:50 PM
    2637 days ago
    My streak was to hit the gym every day. I did find that I needed to take a two day break each week. so my streak was 10/14!
    Stephanie, I very seldom have soda these days and when I do they just don't taste the same so if I have a couple of sips out of my 12 oz bottle I end up tossing the rest. So...I think it was no great loss after all. Hmmm...I wonder what else I can cut out and not lose any sleep over! LOL
    Good luck on the next round!
    2637 days ago
    emoticon on your streaks!! I gave up soda a long time ago for water... sodium eh - not such a biggie for me either. But... I started eating and exercise streaks. So far so good - 5 days in.
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14218977
    Good job hun!!!! My streak... basically ended in the first three days. Things got dicey with me getting super sick a week ago so I stopped tracking my sodium. I still managed to lose some water weight from the little changes I did make so I'm glad for that. I'm excited to try the ketchup!
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12915013
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13150933
    emoticon emoticon The only streak I have going is logging my food on a daily basis. I'm in Physical and Occupational Therapy because of my fall so I'm limited to what exercises I can do but, at least I'm trying to eat within my daily calories. That darn sodium monster keeps trying to attack me though! I think I've done pretty well though 12/14 and I refuse to give up! You have been a real inspiration and I want to emoticon
    2637 days ago

    Congratulation on all that you have accomplished. Even though I can't seem to master the knack of Streaking ( it's a documentation thing; I always forget to do it ) I really enjoy keeping track of how well others are doing.

    Keep up the good work!
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    2637 days ago
    My streak was to actually reach my goal in workout calories burned per week. I did it for one of the weeks. The other was hurt by the flu. That goals is continuing. I also added a reboot and have lost 5 pounds.

    Great job on losing 5 pounds for March..plus sticking to no diet soda and low sodium

    I am ready for the April Streak!
    2637 days ago
  • RBIRD47
    Life got in the way during this streak; death in the family. But I will be there for the April streak!!
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13384562
    emoticon emoticon Great job!

    2637 days ago
    2637 days ago
    Thanks so much for your motivation. I've been following my program and seeing some success. Let's accomplish some great things in April :)
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14528014
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2637 days ago
    Congrats on some great results!
    I managed to do 10 mins or more of exercise on 12 of the 14 days, but the other two i was feeling foul, sore throat, cold, etc. so spent almost all of one day in bed. Water went better, as i drank between 6 and 8 glasses every day.
    will try to keep up with those two while waiting for your next official streak to begin!
    thanks for the encouragement!
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13203216
    I stayed within my sodium for 9/14 days. I did not realize how difficult it is to do when you are not paying enough attention. That sneaky sodium seems to show up everywhere. I too do not think there has been a huge difference except no bloating on the days I stay within range so I guess this is something.

    I will continue to try to keep my eye out for the sneaky stuff though.

    Thank you for this great experiment!! I am looking forward to the next one.
    2637 days ago
    14/14 on the soda! THANK YOU so much for starting this doable streak project. 2 weeks? pffft, that's nothing, right?

    I'm going to continue this streak as I decide what I can do for the last two weeks of April .

    Have a fantastic day, and thank you again.

    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD924924
    I have one more day to go, but so far 10/13 for staying in my net calorie goal range (11/13 gross). That's pretty huge for me because I'm normally 2-3 days within range per week. Unfortunately, it's not really showing up on the scale.
    2637 days ago
    Good for you, congratulations!
    2637 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    My streak was 10 - 15 minutes daily. That didn't happen daily,but I did get in 70 or more minutes a week. So I calling it accomplished and a success. This really needs to continue as I near my goal weight.. So I plan to keep it up. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    2637 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13563245
    2637 days ago
    My Streak went well for the 14 days.....
    I achieved sticking to my plan for 12 out of the 14 days so was quite pleasaed with that.....may not have been perfect but a big step forward...thanks heaps
    2638 days ago
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