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2,000 Fitness Minutes... Initiate Puppies & Rainbows Sequence!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I typically reserve the emoticon's & emoticon's for really big milestones... weight loss milestones, hitting a new BMI range, etc. But as my journey has gone on for just over 2 years, I realized the emoticon's & emoticon's can come out on other occasions as well. For someone facing 100+ pounds to lose, it can be a long and treacherous road to get to their goal weight. Not only that, but along that road are lots of bumps and curves, and if you make a couple wrong turns you can end up lost and find yourself in the pit of despair. Then of course there is the Land of Plateaus that we all experience at one point or another. The Pit of Despair is something that we find ourselves in because we have fallen off track, but the Land of Plateaus is far worse because it sucks in unsuspecting and undeserving victims.

You are doing everything right, skipping down the road, eating in your calorie range, doing everything in your power to get this weight off, and before you know it you've found yourself at a dreaded Plateau. With hard work and diligence we find our way out again, but how long we are there is not always in our control.

So with all the various things that can happen on this long journey, I am learning to celebrate the smaller victories. Does that mean I'm trying to brag about my accomplishments? Not at all. For me personally, it keeps me going and keeps me focused. I hit 85 pounds down back at the end of October. I never celebrated a half-sie before (halfway between 80 and 90 pounds), but I figured my chances to celebrate weight loss milestones was dwindling down. I got blown off the course, right into the pit of despair, and am just now finding my way back to 85 pounds down. If I were to start getting caught up on the fact I should be celebrating 90 or 100 pounds down right now, it would send me right back to the pit. So instead, I need to find other things to focus on and to be proud of. I need reassurance from myself that I am doing something right.

emoticon 2,000 fitness minutes for someone else might be a drop in the bucket, but for me it was a goal that I had hoped to reach several months ago. It wasn't until March that it finally happened! I went full steam ahead in the beginning of the month, which managed to irritate my arthritic knees. I had to slow things down after that, but with consistency still hit the fitness minutes. My goal for April is to find a better way to hit the minutes, without irritating my knees.

The other reason I am celebrating this is because I have been learning a lot from my Maintenance Superheroes! emoticon emoticon There is going to come a time where there will be no more weight loss to celebrate. There will be no smaller clothing sizes to celebrate. Does that mean they don't get to celebrate? Heck no! They may have no more weight loss to celebrate because they've already accomplished that, but they can celebrate the weeks/months/years they have been maintaining. So for right now, I have quite a few milestones to get to...

90 lbs lost
95 lbs lost (if I feel so inclined LOL)
100 lbs lost
110 lbs lost
Goal weight 160 (112 pounds lost)

I will probably take it a step further because 159 would put me at the top of a healthy BMI, and 150 or 155 sounds better to me... but I want to celebrate that "I did it" at 160. This is all a mental game people. emoticon

But what happens when the weight loss stops? Nothing excites me more than seeing an all new lowest number on the scale... but there is going to be a day where that doesn't happen anymore. That is the goal of course and it will be it's own reward, but it definitely sounds like an adjustment. That is why I am learning to celebrate physical things, like walking a certain amount of steps/miles, getting in plenty of fitness minutes, or sticking to my 14 day streaks that I've been doing with some of you.

Which by the way 9/10 for sodium and 10/10 for no diet soda, booyah! emoticon

So that is why I decided to bust out the emoticon's & emoticon's today! They are not just reserved for weight loss milestones, they are for victories no matter how huge or small. Share a victory of yours with me below in the comments, I'd love to hear them. And while you are at it, take a complimentary emoticon & emoticon, you deserve it! emoticon

^Most of the time I am even more enthusiastic about others victories than I am about my own. You are all fabulous! emoticon
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