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Operation Don't Get Fatter Pregnant: Week 28/29 Recap

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I think I missed a week somewhere.... Sorry. Today is actually Week 30.

10 weeks till Evie is supposed to be here. So much to do in that time frame. I need to pack a hospital bag... finish the birth plan... pick a "coming home" outfit, pick blankets, etc for photos at the hospital, learn more about the natural birth I so desire, get things better organized at work for my absence. The list could go on. But why bother wasting time making lists, I just need to tackle these obstacles and do them.

I have gained a total of 17 lbs with this pregnancy (which according to my app is excessive). My uterus is measuring at 33 weeks instead of 30. So there is a lot of fluid in there, or Evelyn is going to be a large baby. My family is known for making big babies.... so large baby wouldn't shock me. I was a 9lb er. But I am trying not to let myself get psyched out about her size. I am trying to get my head in the right place for the labor/delivery. From everything I have read it really helps to not be afraid, and be able to trust your body. So I am working towards that.

My MIL threw us a baby shower in Michigan last weekend. It was very nice, and everyone worked so hard to put it all together. We got a lot of nice gifts, and I am very grateful for all of them. Evie will have a lot of clothes to start out with. M's aunt hand made a christening gown, hat, and booties that nearly reduced me to tears. M's mom bought us a new crib. This is a bit of a point of contention for me as I all ready have a crib from when V was little, and didn't want her spending money on a new one. She wore M down to the point that he gave her the OK to buy us one.. but without even talking to me about it or anything. Which really upset me.

Evie has been very very very active. Which I know is a good thing. It's less kicking, and more rolling, flipping, and wiggling. I often wonder if other people can see my belly move on it's own like I can. She was doing her acrobatics while I was waiting on a customer a few days ago, and I wondered how they couldn't see my shirt stretching at odd angles in some places.

I am experiencing what I believe is GERD. My throat feels like there is a lump stuck in it, and it is very painful to swallow. I have been having very bad heartburn with this pregnancy, and have read that your valve in your throat will actually clamp shut to prevent any more acid damage. It has been very difficult to eat the past few days due to the pain/inflammation. What I have eaten.... hasn't wanted to stay down. I feel weak and exhausted. It's amazing how quickly she zaps my body of nutrients, then begs for more. I am trying to eat GERD friendly foods (salad, bananas, yogurt), but not having a lot of luck. If it isn't better by Friday, I'm going to call my midwife and see if she has any suggestions.

The house still hasn't sold yet. We had one couple come and look at it, and said they need something bigger. Which I completely understand. It is why we want to sell in the first place. M and I are working on a plan B for baby crib and all that jazz if it doesn't sell in time, and we don't find a place in time. Which I am resigning myself to. I have done all I can to move it. Now just have to wait for someone who wants it to come along. There aren't many promising homes on the market right now in our price range, size, and requirements. So I guess it is for the best that this hasn't sold. It will all work out one way or another. I'm trying not to worry so much.

V has been having some pretty terrible behaviors. Last Thursday she made herself vomit at school to be sent home. The school didn't realize this. I knew something was wrong. Call it my heightened mom senses... I don't know. I could tell she wasn't sick. I told her she had to tell me the truth about what happened b/c if she was sick I needed to help her, and if she wasn't I didn't want to hurt her trying to help her. She started crying and told me that she made herself get sick b/c she hates school. This Monday while I was at my prenatal appt. she stripped nude in the time out room, pooped on the floor, then proceeded to play in it. My dad had to pick her up, bring her home, and shower her for me. Then I was home by then, and took her back to school. Good thing they recognized it as her trying to get out of school, and told her she was expected back. I also found out that she has been lying to her teacher this week. She tells her that we often forget to give her her meds, when we don't. She gets them every single morning. We forgot one time, and I let the teacher know. This child is devious smart, and it is so difficult to stay one step ahead of her. Exhausting really. I love her to bits, but I can't wait till this turmoil is behind us.

I have not been working out. I seem to have torn a muscle in my upper abdomen. My midwife said it is common b/c of all of the stretching. It hurts so bad to sit at work all day. By the time I get home, my bed and a block of ice are my best friends. Then I start all over again the next day. I am definitely in the uncomfortable pregnant stage. But this too shall pass. She won't occupy my body forever.

I hope all is going well for my lovely spark friends!

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    10 more weeks! Oops just looked at the dateā€¦. 9 more weeks! Hang in there sweetie! You're in the home stretch. Saying prayers that V's behavior gets better. (You're such a good mom!) and that your house sells in time for you do enjoy your nesting phase and getting the baby's room ready.
    2608 days ago
    Sounds like a mountain on your plate and you are doing a great job of managing it.


    Try Power posing when you need a pick me up.

    Best of luck with the last stretch! I remember it seemed to last forever! (then my girls all waited to 42 weeks to make their entrance, to it WAS forever!!!

    2612 days ago
    You're in the home stretch now!! 10 more weeks!! You can get through this and I hope the GERD gets better. I agree Tums helps a lot. I hope your daughter's behavior improves, you have enough on your plate now. Take care of yourself!! emoticon
    2615 days ago
    Do you know where your mom bought the crib? Maybe you can return it for store credit. I would totally do that. Cribs are so expensive and you have so much baby crap that you need to have!

    Do you have diastasis recti or something else? Can you take Tums or something for the GERD? I had heartburn and Tums was my bff in the end.
    2615 days ago
    I don't think 17 pounds is excessive. Are you eating mostly healthy foods? I had pre-eclampsia with 2 of my pregnancies & I believe some of the cause (based on research I did) was not gaining weight well & not eating enough protein.
    I don't mean to but in. I just read this one blog.
    Just concerned about you & your baby! I will be praying for you!
    Blessings, Anita
    (mom of 6, 1 in heaven)
    2616 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9543726
    I had a lot of extra fluid with my second child - I was measuring 47 cm at 36 weeks! But he ended up being my smallest baby, at only 7.5 lbs. My biggest was just shy of 10 lbs, and I had him naturally. It IS possible! Definitely trust your body. That torn muscle and GERD stuff sounds awful. I had terrible heartburn with my oldest child and was so happy that it went away after he was born!

    Ten more weeks! You can do this!
    2616 days ago
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