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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ok I haven't been on Spark for over one month. I have been half arsing getting healthy and active. Well that has to stop. I had a screening at work on Friday, and guess what? Yup I need to get healthy fast. I am obese (no surprise there) emoticon , my blood pressure is high ( which is a new development for me), and I am fat (again no surprise there)! So I have to change all of these things ASAP. So I need to get back to sparking, tracking, and working out. My heal is still bothering me a great deal, but I have to suck it up, before I end up on blood pressure meds. I know I am old, but I just can't start meds for my blood pressure, I just can't. So I am tracking via my fitness pal, since I can't get Spark on my phone emoticon I will track my work outs on there as well. My work out plan is to start out simple with Strength training on Mon, Wed, & Fri AM's. I am going to try and walk for my lunch no matter how cold it is emoticon. I have got to get busy and make this happen. I have training for the next week and a half with one hour for lunch, so why not make the best of it. Once Abby starts her training outside I will walk during her practices, no matter how cold it is. I have to do this. I have to get healthy. My family's health history is NOT in my favor, so if I want to beat the odds I have to take matters into my hands and do something to get healthy!!
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