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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If we are Spark friends, you have probably seen my many updates regarding my knee... that is because it is driving me crazy! emoticon I have rheumatoid arthritis in both knees, so I have to be very careful when it comes to my exercise. No jumping, nothing high impact, and nothing that could potentially tweak my knees. I kept all of that in mind when creating my workout calendar for March. I have been enjoying doing the Rockin' Body DVDs, and I always stick with Tonia and her modifications. I love it because I feel like I am still doing the moves, just in my own way that my knees appreciate.

^March 1st was also completed, just no room for it on the calendar. And now that it is super tiny, I realize it's unreadable LOL! I had knee pain on the 8th, I swapped out the rest day for the 9th and exercised on the 10th. All the rest said completed ha ha.

March was (and still is) off to a strong start. I want to hit 2,000 fitness minutes for the first time ever. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could follow my workout schedule and get the job done. Unfortunately, my mind and body had very different plans. After about a week, my right knee started to become sore. I always panic because I never know if that means it is the beginning of a flare up, or if it's just sore because of all the added activity. I know soreness is a normal reaction to extra exercise, but soreness and pain are different things. So Friday I was able to complete my workout doing the moves very gently as to not irritate the knee. I also iced it a few times. Saturday I tried the gentle approach again, and had to stop after 2 minutes. Sunday I was so sore that I did not even try it.

Monday I woke up with a lot less discomfort in my knee, so I did my workout gently again and got it done without any pain to the knee. I am hoping that if I keep up the gentle approach for a little bit, that I will be out of the woods pretty soon. It can just be upsetting when we are so set out to do something, and our bodies won't allow it. I started to get discouraged thinking that I had to give up my workout plan, but if I gave up every time something went wrong, I wouldn't have accomplished very much in life. So I will continue my plan, and follow it as closely as I can, and make changes where physically necessary.

This journey is about becoming a stronger and healthier version of myself. I don't want to completely transform into a brand new person, and I wouldn't even want to say I want to be "better" than I was before. Being better to me sounds like I wasn't awesome before, and I can assure you I was awesome! emoticon I was obese and out of shape, but I was still a good person... and when I get to goal weight I will still be that same good person, in a smaller, healthier and stronger body. So since this really is about health (and cuter clothes, I can't lie!! emoticon), it would be completely counter productive to harm my body, in this case my knee, because I want to stick to my plan. I can be stubborn at times, but I have to know my limits. So I will continue to take it day by day, and do the best I can at the moment. If that means modifying the plan and switching to a seated workout, or doing some strength training or stretching in place of it, then so be it. I will keep fighting the good fight, and that 2,000 fitness minutes trophy will be mine even if I have to stretch and chair exercise my way to victory! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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