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Reboot Success!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

I'm at the one week point in my healthy reboot!

That makes...

One week of tracking.
One week of daily exercise.
One week of drinking water every day.

And that feels good....no, great!

Now just because I've been tracking doesn't mean that I've stayed in my calorie range. I've gone over a few days...OK, I've gone over my range more days than I've stayed within, but I AM tracking!

Another thing I've done this week is check the motivation quotes board. I LOVE them! I try and pick one quote every morning and mentally hang onto it throughout the day. If you haven't checked the motivational quotes pages out yet, you really should!

I've also set some goals for the month, but my main goal this first week back was just to track everything and try to stay in the range and not to worry about what I was eating so much just yet. I met that goal!

And I lost five pounds this week!

I'd call that a successful re-boot!

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