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Stupid weight

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

I am really irritated. Every time I lose weight, I can't keep it off. Before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and pros, I weighed 214-218 pounds. That was in 2010 and it was after losing 30 lbs. I went to a dr app In March and the scale said 218 pounds. Then in May, the scale said 278 lbs. I was asked over and over if my eating habits changed but they were the same. In 2011, I finally got my diagnoses. Fast forward to May of 2013. I weighed in at 279.5. By October, I was down to around 258 but I fluctuated and then my weight went to 264. It stayed there until I tried a medication for anxiety at the beginning of January. The doc said it was weight neutral but I gained 8 lbs while taking it. It didn't work so I stopped it and a little bit of weight came back off. Fast forward to today and I am back at my starting weight. 279. emoticon

I don't know what to do. The doctors basically blamed me for my conditions. They said by being overweight, I caused my hormones to lose balance which is a bunch of bull but I am feeling really discouraged.

I don't know if the medicine I take now for the anxiety has an impact on my weight but I cannot stay at this weight.

So I am asking all of you for encouragement to get ack into this fight and not allow it to knock me down. Also, if there are any recipes that make veggies not as unappealing, please share. I am not a big fan of the ones on spark people but if there is one you had much success with, that is awesome!

I am a shorty and want to get this weight off for both my health and confidence. If you are wondering, my height is 5'4. Yikes! That means I am morbidly obese. emoticon

I need to get my thyroid levels checked soon but have been running into problems with the labs so we will see. I will not accept this weight. My friend is having a wedding in November so maybe that can serve as motivation.

Okay, encouragement please. :)

Oh, and remember, any rude comments will be deleted so don't waste your breath. I don't want to hear any...."I lost weight with my thyroid Mede, you should be able to too." Everyone is different.

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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I take humaria and methotrexate (chemo meds) and steroids and have gained 30 lbs that i lost here on spark and kept it off for over 2 years i also have thyroid and auto immue disease but i will not give up either . I would like to be your daily friend if your interested we could encourage each other . Please look at my food log i got it set up by calorie count and i like it . Most everything is under favorites . Logging on site helps me and i like to look at others to get ideas of what to eat myself . YOU CAN AND WILL DO THIS !
    2643 days ago
    Sending you boxing gloves for this fight! It's difficult, but you can do it!

    2654 days ago
    Yes, We are each a unique child of GOD. We have to find what works for us and what does not. I wish I knew what the right answers are for you.. Too much of the time I don't know the right answers for me. It seems that every time I think I have figured out what works for me to lose weight.. My body does a re-boot and changes the "app's" and I have to go back to the drawing board and find another "NEW Path" in the search to reach my goal. My goal is "Not to be FAT". I don't want to be skinny, just thin aka not fat.

    Please do not give up. Keep searching for what works today, this week, and be prepared to have to keep changing what you are eating, & what you are doing for exercise, & meanwhile make sure you are keeping hydrated and getting plenty of sleep !!!

    Getting plenty of sleep usually helps me... I do not eat while I sleep, but then I don't exercise either. Ah, well. life is not perfect.

    I don't know anything about your pharmaceuticals. But I do know that most of them have some kind of side-affects... and those can change when two or more meds are being taken over the same time period. I remember something my teacher said in 7th grade Health Class. "Everything we take into our body is a drug. Air and food are drugs, too. Not just things found in the medicine cabinet!" So be aware of what you consume and what your reaction is... how you feel.
    Love and Hugs, Grammy Audra
    2655 days ago
    Oh PCOS is the devil! And doctors can be so insensitive sometimes. Yes, being overweight can cause hormonal issues, but hormonal issues cause weight problems...vicious circle.

    I have PCOS and was diagnosed diabetic (after years of prediabetic and insulin resistance, which goes hand in hand with pcos.) I also had weight loss surgery in May last year. It was recommended by my pcos specialist/fertility doc years ago. I don't want to talk people into it, but it was the right decision for me, if you want to chat about it, feel free to message me.

    Get creative with food and veggies. Buy some veggies you never had before and give them a shot. I love eggplant! I make eggplant pizza's a lot. Peel, slice and bake the eggplant for a little, add sauce, cheese and toppings and bake a little more, they are yum! I also grill it with spices/seasonings, use it to layer like a lasagna or even in lasagna (though I really avoid pasta/rice anymore as much as possible. Those white carbs and pcos are not good together!)

    Spaghetti squash is great, give that a shot. Butternut squash is really yummy, you can do so much with that and it's a little sweet, kind of like sweet potato. Make stir fry with lots of different veggies and some good sauces, like soy, oyster, teriyaki, etc. (Careful with sauces..sodium, calories, sugar, etc, but anything in moderation I think.)

    Good luck, keep trying! You can do it!
    2655 days ago
    Please don't give up. We all believe in you. I will try to remember to send you one of my favourite veggie recipes. It includes squash, raisins and spinach. Do you like those things? Have you ever tried an elimination diet to see what foods bother you? My cousin just ached from inflammation and tried this one toquietinflammation.com/ and had such success she has done it ever since. A lot of my friends have found cutting out dairy or wheat has really helped. Apparently, a lot of people are sensitive to milk. Anyhow these things may be worth a try. Don't listen to the negativity of these doctors they sound stupid as a stick. emoticon
    2655 days ago

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    Please don't lose faith in yourself. It is so hard when you do everything right and the scale still climbs. Hopefully your next lab numbers will show that although the scale doesn't show success, you are being successful on the inside. I have been gaining due to medication too. It is really discouraging. I decided to get out a tape measure and found that I had lost 17 inches! I began to read the blogs written by Spark members who had lost over 80 pounds and discovered that most if not all of them had experienced similar issues at one time or another. To me, that was very encouraging because it means that there is hope for me yet! I had to change my mind set to that of a person who was living a lifestyle and not on a diet. Not an easy task as old habits die hard. I am sending you positive vibes as you continue on your journey to health.
    2656 days ago
    Do not lose hope you can do this! The weight problems based on your weight is like the chicken and the egg. Which cam first? Yes, being overweight can cause things like depression anxiety, and pcos. Bu,t those things can also cause weight gain. So it is hard to say what caused what. Do not be discouraged! You got this! you know you can do this., you just have to stop listening to those annoying little voices who tell you otherwise! Prove everyone wrong! Nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself!
    2656 days ago
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