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February's Stats

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Steps: 263,089
Average steps per day: 9,396
Fitness Minutes: 3,532
Calories Burned: 17,882
Average calories burned per day: 638

Average calories consumed per day: 1,802
Average caloric deficit (BMR + exercise -food): 486

Starting weight: 141; Ending weight: 137
(Aha! The math works; I lost about 1 pound per week!)
1 inch lost from waist; other measurements seem the same.

I definitely feel like I could have eaten a little bit cleaner and worked out a little bit harder, but I am pretty proud of myself, especially how much more I've been rocking the core workouts.

Two and a half more weeks until Mexico! And I am going to FIRE IT UP! emoticon

A few possibly-exciting things are happening in my real life (career... nothing big but still, cross your fingers for me?) but for the next couple of weeks I am going to focus on my health even harder than I have been since the lay-off. No deviations, no excuses! Laziness is unacceptable! I know I feel great when I exercise hard and stay away from the sugar and bread, so I just have to get that up to 95% of the time from 60%.

Here's to a great March with even better final stats than February for all of us!

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