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Sometimes It Just Takes Longer Than You Thought!

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

So if you click on my Spark Page, it will tell you that I joined Spark in 2009. I did really well and lost 40 pounds, but then I hit a plateau, eventually gave up, gained it all back and then proceeded to hide from my Spark friends. Hiding from your Spark friends is NEVER a good idea, just FYI. But hey, live and learn, right? emoticon I came back a couple of times determined to start fresh, and I would do well for a while, and then give up again. There came a point where I just had to forgive all those past attempts and let them go. My fresh start came on March 20, 2012... which makes today 23 months on this weight loss journey here on Spark. The fact that I have been here, consistently (almost daily) for 23 months is amazing in itself. Did I struggle and gain back 10 pounds a couple of times? Yep, but I never once threw in the towel or hid from my Spark friends. I was always upfront about my struggles and my weight gain which allowed me to get support from my awesome friends. It is easy to get on Spark and keep in contact when we are in the groove, losing weight, doing amazing, and we just want to share it with everyone. But it is even more important to reach out for the help and support you need.

^ I don't really, but I thought it was funny. emoticon

As of this morning I weighed 191.4, which is 1 pound down from last week! emoticon When I started this journey 23 months ago, I weighed 262 pounds. I had lost 10 prior to my triumphant restart on Spark. So when you look at the amount I lost in the last almost 2 years, it is about 70 pounds. I have to tell you that there is a part of me that really believed I would be at my goal by now. My original goal was only to get to 180 and now it is 155-160... but even so, I didn't even meet the original goal in almost two years. It just goes to show you that this journey isn't a straight shot down to our goal weights. Things happen, life happens, we have weeks or months where we simply don't want to be bothered with watching our food, or getting out and exercising. Or things happen and we have other things to deal with in our lives where weight loss simply can't be the #1 focus. It happens to us all at some point. Is there a teeny tiny part of me that is a little disappointed that I am not farther along in my journey? Yes, a TINY piece of disappointment is deep down there. But, I am just so proud of myself for not quitting... for not giving up when things got hard, and boy were there hard times. But I never gave up, I never lost sight of why I was here and what I wanted. Did it take a little longer than I thought? You betcha. Even now, I am hoping to be at my goal weight by the end of this year. But if that doesn't happen I will be okay. I will not give up, and by staying consistent and working at this as much as I can, I will eventually wind up at my goal. So I am not worried, I will get there when I get there. Some days I feel like a little kid in the back of the car going:

But for the most part I am calm, and in control, and for once in my life confident that I will actually reach my goals. Every time I tried to lose weight in the past, I didn't truly believe that I could do it... but this time I truly believe, and actually know that I will get to my goal weight, and I have to say it is an amazing feeling! I am here to tell you that you can get to your goal weight, you just need to:

emoticon Believe you can do it!
emoticon Consistently do what works for you!
emoticon Reach out to your Spark friends when you are feeling down or overwhelmed.
emoticon Always get back up after you fall down!
emoticon Never give up!

I can do this, you can do this, and we will do this if we stay focused! emoticon emoticon

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