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Who Is Ready To Beat The Funk?

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

So I have noticed a theme on Spark lately, and there seems to be many of us in a funk, or a fog. This was a discussion on my BLC team, that people are just feeling out of sorts. Some called it a fog, some a funk, but the consensus is that many of us just aren't feeling like we can tackle this weight loss beast right now. I know many of you are dealing with those horrible winter storms, and all that snow. emoticon I am in a funk and I don't even have that snow to compete with.

I actually didn't realize I was in a funk until I looked at my calendar where I log stickers for cardio, exercise, and then I track the days I overeat. Getting a sticker for overeating sounds backwards, but it is a "dreaded cupcake" and I try to avoid it. emoticon I checked out my stats so far for February, and it was even uglier than I thought. It has been no secret that I have been battling the Binge Monster, winning some, losing some... but the numbers and the emoticon's don't lie, and I have 7 out of 14 days with cupcake stickers for February.

I knew I had a string of bad days, and a couple good ones, but seeing the numbers like that really gave me a wake up call. Out of the two weeks we have had in February, I have thrown away a full week. Not only that, but the bad days were REALLY bad. They weren't just overeating to the point of maintenance, they were well past that resulting in weight gain. I realize that I am self sabotaging, I have done this my entire journey, and I'm going on 23 months on this roller coaster. On a conscious level, if you ask me if I'm afraid of losing weight I would tell you absolutely not! I would tell you I've ALWAYS wanted to lose this weight and I have been willing to do anything to lose it once and for all. I have always dreamt of being able to shop at any store I want, and to feel comfortable and confident in a smaller, healthier body. But the subconscious stuff is where my self sabotage comes in. I know that I love food, and I love to eat... I always have and I always will... but this is obviously so much more than food. There is something deep down that makes me second guess myself, and that is where the self sabotage comes in. It is frustrating, because not only do I have to keep an eye on that Binge Monster, but now I also have to watch out for myself. But I will continue to work at it, day by day, because this is something I want so badly.

emoticon With 14 days remaining in February, I invite you in joining me on a 14 day streak. My streak is going to be 14 days of 1400 calories or less. Your streak can be anything you make of it. If you want to pick a calorie range that works for YOUR caloric needs, great! Struggling with exercise instead? Make a mini goal to get in a little bit of exercise each day. Whatever you are struggling with, whatever might help you beat that funk, that could be your streak goal! And if you aren't struggling, I would still love for you to join me! So if you are game, comment below and tell me what you are working towards! I will blog on March 1st, and you can all let me know how you did, and I will do the same! What's the worst that could happen? What if we even had an amazing 10 out of 14 days? That would still be 10 steps in the right direction! emoticon emoticon
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