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My New Journey Started Yesterday........

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good morning to my Spark Friends, you know who you are.............

I want to share some news with you that will be taking me on a new journey.....for the rest of my life..........for the last several years, I realized that "one" must really have some type of plan to enjoy life and to serve the "ALMIGHTY"..........and you must always look at your plan every so often to see if you need to "modify it"......I have modified my plans several times in the last several years............and now I will have to modified the roads in my plan once more.

I found out this Tuesday, that I have "breast cancer"......I am still processing this all, but I am better today than I was yesterday and the day before...........I have cried and I have prayed and both seemed to help.........I have a very loving family in Michigan as well as here in Tampa (my daughter) who will be walking on this new journey with me. I know that this will not be a sprint type of race, but a marathon for me and I planned to be at the forefront winning it............I was mad because I really wanted to know "why me", but I decided that "MY GOD" doesn't want me to ask that question, because over the years he has brought me through so much, that I know he isn't going to "let go" or "leave me behind"........he has always been there.....he carried me, he walked beside me and he has held my hand as well.......so I know that he is with me for this long haul, and he will once again carry me, walk beside me and hold my hand.

When I found, out I was very scared and my mind just blanked out.....but now I am calm, and I know what it is that I need to do, I need to walk out on faith and "LET GO AND LET GOD".

So please don't feel sad or sorry, I am rejoicing because this is a new journey into unknown territory that I will be coming through smelling like beautiful roses.

Because for me, the "MEANING OF LIFE MEANS TO LIVE LIFE" and that is exactly what I will be doing.
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