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Sad news..

Monday, January 27, 2014

On Saturday , January 25. @ 9:55 pm, my oldest brother passed away. Last week was a horror for me. And now I am in a state of being that even I don't understand. I am a direct person as many of you who are reading this know. Yes, I did call him Mr Piggy. But that was my right. Stephen Falley was not only my older brother by 9 years, he was my father when our father suddenly passed away 50 years ago, at 50 years old. Leaving 3 sons and a daughter of 15 years old, My poor Mother was never was the same after her beloved hubby surprised her on her birthday by dying. Anyhow.
Up until Sat he was living about 15 min from me. He has been in South Fl for 7 years. He inherited her condo when she passed away.
I was VERY CLOSE WITH HIM AND WE TRAVELED a lot. He left me and Ray with no will, no power of attorney, nothing. Just lots of junk, collectables and work to do. And now I am sick with a cold.. The details of his death are not important , but he was a person in my life. I just wanted to share this with every one, thanking everyone for the goodies, prayers,love comments etc. Yes, dear team, I am eating now, but I did lose about 6 lbs. thank you everyone. Hugs and love to all, Ps get a will made, do a DNA, don't do to your family as my brother did to me. Ilene emoticon emoticon
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