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Make Friends With Your Food

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

emoticon Dear Friends,

Many people talk to me about food problems and I have lots to say on the subject.

It's not about giving up food and depriving ourselves, it's about learning HOW TO LIVE WITH FOOD!!! How to make friends with food. I have lost 103 pounds and here is what I have learned.

If I'm going out for a meal I keep everything in moderation. If I really want something then have it and I enjoy myself. I don't beat myself up about it. We all need time off. We all need to enjoy the food we love. If we deprive ourselves long enough we will win the battle but lose the war. Eventually we will binge because we denied ourselves to long.

When I started my journey I too started out depriving myself. My Mom told me that I need to splurge if I wanted to win. I go out to dinner with my Mom every Friday night. I have several rules I go by:
1. I workout heavily the day before if possible.
2. I eat lightly the day of and drink lots of water.
3. I order whatever I want including dessert.
4. I get a to go box before I start eating.
5. I put 1/2 my meal in the to go box (most restaurants serve enough for two meals, we are conditioned to try to eat it all)
6. I share the dessert with my mom.
7. I workout heavily the day after.

Typically I don't go over my calories but when I do, so what. I did this every week the entire two years while I was trying to lose weight. I lost over 103 pounds and I never binged because I learned not to deprive myself.

If I really wanted something I ate it so I would only eat some now, rather than a lot later. I had to analyze myself first. Was I hungry, depressed or hurting. If so it's not a craving. If I'm hungry drink a glass of water and find something healthy to eat. If I'm depressed or hurting then drink a glass of water and take care of my feelings through exercise or doing something fun.

If it's none of the above then I know that it is a craving. It's almost always something I don't normally eat. I have it but I keep it to a minimum. I can't keep ice cream in my home because it is a trigger food. If I'm craving some then I go to the store and pick up a single serving of my favorite flavor.

Whenever possible substitute something bad with something less bad or even better.
- I am a severe choco-holic. I eat chocolate every day in one form or another. I eat dark chocolate attune probiotic bars. They are a small candy like bars and 90 calories. I have Nugo bars chocolate brownie flavor. I have Muscle Milk protein shakes, 20 mg protein and 190 calories. None of these are real chocolate but they satisfy my need for chocolate.
- I substitute quinoa for rice. It's much better for you and you cook it just like rice and I use it in my recipes.
- I eat only whole grain pastas.

Things that you like to eat often, try to find a healthy substitution. Try speaking with an organic grocery store if you are stumped.

I hope anyone reading this will find something helpful in it. It took me quite awhile to learn all this and my hope is that this will save someone in some way.

Live with your food, make friends with your food and control it, don't let food control you.

Love yo all.

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