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KRISTINA, clean brain scan!

Friday, January 24, 2014

.....Soe of u know this, but some may not, for those who do not, let me do a recap, this past august, my grandbaby (she was 11 mths at the time) had a gran maul sezure (i think i spelled those right)...she spent a whole week in the childrens hopspital in memphis TN (we live in NE arkansas), when she came home she was put on meds, and wee were all taught how to give her a seziure enignma (never have used it), she has NOT had one since then, she has done everything on time like she should (there was talk it could have affected her motor skills),shes a happy productive little 1 1/2 yr old, today she went to ARKANSAS CHILDRENS HOSPITAL for her first EEG, and it was completly clear, this is mighty good news for us all. now we wait to see if she gets to get off her meds, they need more info from the other hospital first.. until then she keeps taking it, but joy joy and happiness, and relief!!!
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