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Really Mr Scale?

Friday, January 24, 2014

Woohoo!!! I have been a member of the Y for exactly one week. In that one week I have worked out 6 times! I missed Tuesday because I had tickets with my son to the WWE.

Things I did this week - I cooked last Sunday and made a turkey red chili, some chicken veggie soup, some chicken chili -minus the cheese and fattening stuff so it kind of ended up being a spicy chicken soup with beans! This took care of my lunches for the week so no need to eat out and I knew exactly what I was eating!

Dinner was a little trickier since I was working out after work and not getting home until 8pm or later. Some days I had my lunch food for dinner too, one day I did not prepare well and ended up eating a couple eggs scrambled with some veggies when I got home. My sort of off track day was Tuesday when I ate at the Arena with my son. I had a plain hotdog - lots of carbs - but was within my calorie count. I have drank ALL my water and then some, although I must say I have had some of the flavored vitamin water (zero calorie) instead of plain water.

Now when I say worked out, it went sort of like this - walked a brisk mile on the track/15-16 minutes, headed to the bikes and spinned away with a workload of 6 (on a scale of 1-10) I sprinted for some minutes at 19-20mph, my normal pace was 14-15 mph. Yep, sweat ran down my face and dripped off my ears and elbows! Woohoo! Then back to the track for another 3-4 laps (7 is a mile at my gym). Then on this new little gizmo that I don't know what it is called but it is like the bikes that have the chair on them, but it is a stepper with arm levers to work your arms. Much easier on the knees - I have a partial replacement and have issues with my knee. First night I tried that thing it was for 10 minutes - which was like 930 steps. Goal was to break 1000 steps in 10 minutes. By the end of the week I was doing 30 minutes and about 3700 steps. Yep, another puddle of sweat (mainly on my back from the chair). Then off to the pool where I tried to swim some laps, but it ended up being one lap and I was totally winded! My knees were not liking the cold water. I ended up doing 10 laps with a kick board and getting into the warmer water pool and doing some stretches and pool exercises. 3 days a week I have been using the weight machines doing upper body work in addition to the other stuff. I had one night where I skipped the pool because of time issues.

I have been spending about 2-3 hours at the gym every night! Some of that time is in the whirlpool relaxing after my workouts.

Sooooo, Mr Scale? He says weightloss of .4 this week. WTH???? Really? I think I left more than .4 on the floor of the gym! Oh well, I don't put a lot of stock in what Mr Scale has to say. Sometimes he is just plain mean.

Big snowstorm coming in tonight, or so they say. I am heading to the gym from work and hoping to get a full workout in before I go home. Tomorrow we will see if the roads will be clear enough to get there - if not it will be the treadmill and snow shoveling! Maybe next week Mr Scale will be kinder. If not, I may kick him!

So for now, I am going to just keep doing what I am doing and try not to get discouraged. I am working REALLY hard, my knee has been really achey, but no real sharp pains while working out, so I will continue on. I am hoping that if I could get about 25 lbs off I will be able to enroll in some of the fitness classes - maybe even sooner. Right now, I don't have the stamina or flexibility needed. Hmmmmm, another goal......

Keep sparking everyone and enjoy the weekend!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Scales are evil. Just choose HEALTH each day. The scale will be dragged down your path whether he wants to be or not. HANG IN THERE and don't get discouraged just because he's being a stupidhead. ;-)
    2703 days ago
    Be careful that you don't wear yourself out--better to do less and not get burned out than over do and stop. But it will happen--over time.
    2703 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12717724
    You are doing an awesome job! Just keep it up and you WILL see results even if the scale doesn't show it. Even if you do not loose much weight you may notice it in your clothes feeling looser. Muscle weighs more than fat and building muscle increases metabolism so don't worry so much about your weight (it is just a number)
    emoticon emoticon
    2703 days ago
    have you tried the 28 day workout program thru spark? it has stretching routines after every workout to improve flexibility.
    2704 days ago
    Applause, thumbs up! emoticon
    2704 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14148396

    Watch and see.....you will be happy next week, I bet! Sometimes the scale just likes to screw with us, LOL.

    Love, Ginger
    2704 days ago
    Wow, you're doing awesome! Thanks for your comment and encouragement. Seeing that you spend HOURS in the gym makes me realize that 25 minutes is nothing.

    Keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure it'll pay off. You're doing a great job!
    2704 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12813197
    I have this unscientific theory about exercise and weight loss. I had two weeks off for Christmas break, and I spent a few hours each day swimming, running and walking. I felt great, but the scale did not budge! When I went back to work and started exercising less, then the scale went down. It doesn't really make sense, but you know that muscle weighs more than fat, right? So, when you gain muscle, you don't lose weight, but you feel stronger and get thinner. Then, when you stop working out (or give yourself a break for a few days), your now smaller body converts the muscle back to fat (which is lighter) and you lose weight. OK, it doesn't really make any sense at all, but I never lose weight until I take a break from exercising for a few days. Give your body some time to catch up to the new norm!
    2704 days ago
    How many calories are you consuming? I ask because it seems like you are working out ALOT!!! You may not be eating enough which will make it more difficult for the pounds to come off. I must say though, I absolutely LOVE your attitude. We CAN'T put all our stock in Mr. Scale because he just doesn't know everything.
    2704 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13838073
    YOU ARE WORKIN' IT, Girl!!!! :-)
    So happy for your kick-a$$edness.
    Your body will catch up...it has to. Just keep doing what you're doing.
    Remember, we're here changing our insides just as much as our outsides! THAT scale says you're doing an AMAZING job!!! :-)

    love you Barb!
    stephi :-)
    2704 days ago
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