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Good Medical Karma

Friday, January 24, 2014

All my blood tests came back fine, except my lousy cholesterol is a wee bit high. The doctor noted that all of the lipid numbers went the wrong direction a few points since I stopped Sparking for so long (big surprise, eh).
But because he has seen how I have improved my numbers before, he said, "I'm not worried. You can do it again." Wow.. confidence from the doc. That made me happy.

Yesterday I saw a physical therapist, Andrew. He was pretty delightful too. At one point he said, "Your chart shows you're really very healthy." I responded with, "Yes, except for being fat and older, I'm generally great." He furrowed his brow and said, "Oh, don't be unkind to yourself." I had to laugh aloud and I assured him that using the word "Fat" was no more unkind when I say it about myself than saying "brunette" or brown eyed", it is simply a fact and it is one I am aware of - thank you very much. He told me my back is really in pretty good structural shape - nothing out of the ordinary for this stage of life (good news).
He showed me several exercises and when we got to one where I was laying on the table and he had me pull in my belly button and then reach down and push down on my thighs to create a form of self-traction, he asked, "Do you do yoga?" I told him that I did indeed do yoga, almost every morning. He told me that sometimes it takes him half an appointment just to get a patient to understand how to make this little movement work. I confessed that it is part of my yoga routine and until I got my core muscles in better shape, I didn't understand how it worked either because I couldn't feel it. He commended me for the yoga and said, "You know I see many patients who have gone through either medical weight loss with an all-liquid diet or surgery and they lose a ton of weight and they're told it will fix all their aches and pains. They're surprised when it doesn't. But, the body needs to adjust to wherever we are - weight-wise, age-wise, activity-wise, etc. Weight loss isn't a magic pill to fix the body. And you seem very body aware." Awwwww

I guess I still haven't gotten over being happy about being praised by an 'authority' figure, even if I have shoes older than he is.

Seriously though, I think between outer punishment in the past from PE coaches, family, doctors and mostly my own HEAD, I have tended to expect poor treatment. But as I've shifted my own mind about it -- this body is what it is and it has served me SO well -- I find I get less grief from everyone (including, again, myself). I'm really grateful.

Now that I know my back pain isn't serious, and I have some ways to alleviate it, I can get down to more exercise. Well.. when this cold disappears. Right now, just being upright is a bit of an effort.

Life ... well besides work ... is really quite good. The exercise will help too with work stress. I enjoy what I do, but .... oh mercy my boss is one uber controlling crazy pants. I'm going to do my best to get six months under my belt and transfer if things don't improve. But in the meanwhile, taking care of my health should help.

Sending good wishes to all my Spark buddies. I hope life is being very good to you, and even more.. that YOU are being good to you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yes...yoga is the answer! I have made that a big priority for me this year. And meditation...well that is the closer point we'll ever be to the other side spiritually while we are coasting here on the earth plane. Another big goal of mine.

    So I'll be watching you dear one for inspiration and I'll be sharing my journey with a wonderful new plan I've embarked on for health and happiness.

    We sparkies stick together and share the things that work for us...in the process we help thousands....keep on keepin' on my friend! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2663 days ago
  • LKG9999
    Like you I have had some pretty non-positive experiences with doctors (e.g. Dr.Codfish). Maybe the advantage to having younger doctors is their medical training might have included more awareness and training in beside manners.

    This is the second SP post I have seen this week on the benefits of yoga/stretching, which I stopped doing when I had shoulder issues a few years back. Maybe someone is trying to tell me it's time to give it another go??
    2668 days ago
    You're awesome! I think a lot of the "criticism" we receive is a matter of our own perception. You're a smart cookie! You know what to do and you understand it's going to take the time it takes.
    2668 days ago
    Everyone is getting sick right now. The flu and cold are going beserk here. I am still taking lots of vitamin 2 and my D3 and vitamin. I hope I can beat it.

    Glad to see you have such good medical care. It really helps. I may have to look for a new doctor and I dread it.
    2668 days ago
    Sounds like you're feeling better! YAY!! I smiled reading this--your reaction to the doctor and PT (you're body aware; you can do it, etc.) is how we used to react as young girls when some guy told us we were pretty/cute/Ok/whatever!!! Sounds like you have things under control--give work a chance but don't hesitate to transfer if possible. You don't need the grief or the stress!!! Have a good weekend!
    2668 days ago
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