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2014 Will Be My Year!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

emoticon Hello all my Sparkie friends! Hope you all are doing well!

I can't believe I stopped my Photo Blogs in November, but really posted it December 17th. That's crazy! I'm sorry I never finished! Maybe I need to figure out a new way to post them. I did enjoy doing them, so there will be more.

BUT today is a blog about me! That's scary to me, talking all about ME! As a Mommy, Wife, and someone always helping people at her church, I don't usually think of ME!

I have to start at the beginning, but will move it a long so I don't bore you all, hee hee. My one and only sister came with her family to visit for Christmas! I had been almost 2 years since I saw her, but it was over 3 years I had seen my nephews and niece! My cubs and them were close and it has been hard for my cubs. All I can say is Thank-you for today's technology!! Love Skype! Okay, back to my story... My sister that lost 60 plus (I think it was) weigh here on SP and has kept it off, looked fantastic! I was the one who introduced her and her husband to SP and they both have very successful stories! Her husband lost over 100 lbs!

So while she was here visiting and being a new year coming, my mind would not stop! I have the "want" to change, but I always mess up or fall off the wagon after a couple weeks! This time, seeing her, I wanted it to work!!! Well one day talking to her, she asked me "how is it that you have been on SP all this time and aren't loosing?" She went on to say it took her and her husband 1 and 1/2 years to do it. Me, I have been on SP for 5 years... this is going on my 6th year! Hee hee... side note, 6 is my favorite and lucky number... hummmm (happy face!) So I started to think and broke down and explained I can ready it all here on SP, but just can't make it work for me. Long story short, she encourage me, offered to help me and we made a game plan! Since that day I have been very good... even down to last night as I ate my most favorite meal, Spaghetti, I measured it all out! I'm thinking before I eat, I'm fighting the cravings, and I'm HONESTLY exercising! I love to walk, but living in freezing (these days) New England, I wasn't walking.

So what is my game plan you ask? (I know you didn't really ask, but I'm gonna tell you, hee hee).
* Exercise "at least" 10 minutes a day, but really trying for 30 minutes a day or more!
* Eat better! (more on that later)
* log in all my food. I got out of doing it, so I'm back on track
* Loose in my 5% challenge. I have been staying the same. I WANT to loose!
* Be honest to myself, Papabear, and friends (about my weight loss)

So for the exercising... we have a treadmill and weight machine downstairs. NO, I was not using them! Here comes the excuses... I would not join a gym because I have the equipment and I did not use the equipment because I was... well, lazy! So now that my cubs are using the equipment here and there (mostly the weights) and it isn't working, time to try something new! Last weekend Papabear and I went to go sign up at Planet Fitness and I was so excited! See change can be good, hee hee. The days I could not make it to PF, I made sure I was on that treadmill downstairs! Tonight might be the only day I'll miss... to busy. On my AMC team we do have an awesome leader who post videos to do, so I'm planning on doing it today, so at least it's something!!! On my 5% challenge team, I weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping for a lose, so we'll see!

Then there is the food... You first have to know I'm a HUGE ice cream lover! Guess what, I have only had 1/2 cup out of all these days! I have been really good and it's hard for me, but I do feel it's easier to say "no" this time. It's a weird feeling, but good one! I think... if I eat this, will I go over in my calories, how much more will I have to work out, etc. Then there is how I watch my portions! Like last night having my most FAVORITE meal, Spaghetti! I weighed out my portion of pasta, sauce and no garlic bread! I make an awesome homemade garlic bread too! To help me, I just didn't buy it and it was not part of the meal. My favorite part of our (my husband & I) watching our food... he is finally agreeing! Example, I have always said we should get ground turkey, but he says NO! Monday he wanted burgers, so we weighed it all and he was shocked! He plan 2 burgers that night... as we figured out our meal, he didn't want to finish the one burger! hee hee. It was funny! For the heck of it, I logged in if I used Ground turkey instead and it was 1/2 the hamburg! Guess who finally gets to buy Ground Turkey next shopping trip. (smiles) I'm also looking at all our favorite meals and trying to revamp them to a healthier version! We'll see how it goes?!!

So will 2014 be my family's year? I think so! I know we can do it and with the support from family, friends... Sparkie friends... eating right & exercising, we WILL do this!

I have two cubs... 12 & 15 years old. They are both active and my oldest (& youngest) a big soccer guy and now (the oldest) a runner / track, he teaches us so many things to help too. Nice to have two boys active and want to be healthy! Nice to have them just as excited as I am. I love those cubs so much!

So to wrap it all up... 2014 IS my year! I hope in December I'll be Blogging about how much I have lost and looking back at this first blog today! Best of luck to you all!

P.S. I'm revamping my whole life... taking care of me, learning new things and working on my Photography! "Santa" brought be a new camera and it's a professional one! Still learning it, but having a blast! I just couldn't be any happier... oh yeah, when I prove to my self I CAN do this! (wink)

Here's my self portrait picture...

It's a picture of me... in my PJ's still... taking a picture of my reflection in a Christmas ball on my Christmas tree!

Have a wonderful day SP friends! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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