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Today is a new start.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I know the holidays took a toll on my weight. My lowest weight was 187, but to be honest, that was after being sick where I probably dropped 5-7 lbs. My realistic weight through last year was between 194-197, so I will say 195 was a good mean.

The scale battery had died, and I know I had gained some weight, so I have delayed 3-4 weeks in replacing it. Today I weight 202.

Up for sure, but all in all I feel pretty good about that. Not the gain, but the fact I feel the weight and felt like I had gained 15 lbs, not 6-7 lbs.

So, it is back to tracking foods. My exercise patters drop this time of year since i can't get out and walk every morning....too dark and cold to be honest. I am pretty much regulated to walking on weekends and lifting some weights....I won't do treadmills..I hate them. So, I need to make sure my calorie intake is reduced to about 1800 vcalories a day to start dropping weight on a reduced exercise cycle.

I can do this. I did it before in a much bigger way, so this is the motivation I needed.
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