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Back With A Bang & Wall of Motivation!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

So I originally put in the title that I was "back with a vengeance", but it just didn't sound right. I just wanted something to show how empowered I am feeling, I am feeling back to my old (healthy) self and I just feel like I could RAWR! emoticon emoticon

I had a fabulous time in Vegas with my Gammie... we did several puzzles, some gambling, and definitely some eating. I had one day where I just had an "eat everything in sight day", but that was one day out of 6. In the past all 6 days would have been like that, so I'm happy about that part. While I was there, I found a cork board that I feel in love with. I thought what I could do is print up some of my "before" and "current" photos and put them on the board to remind me of where I have come from and how great I'm doing! I am very guilty of paying too much attention at how much farther I have to go and not giving myself enough credit for how far I've come. So Gammie and I printed up some great pics for the board.

I have never been someone who ever finished a motivational board. Now wait a minute, if you have one I think it is OUTSTANDING! It is such a great motivational tool, but for some reason it was never for me. I think that is because I would always do them wrong and put the wrong things on there. I put completely unattainable goals and so it just defeated me instead of inspiring me. (Example: No matter how much weight I lose, I will NEVER EVER look like Carrie Underwood emoticon). But seeing how far I have come was a great motivator and reminded me I want to finish what I started. I present to you, my Wall of Motivation!

Hanging to the left is a Cinderella halloween costume that I bought when I was probably 260 pounds. It is an extra large but does not currently fit. I always wanted to wear one of those "adult Cinderella costumes" but could never do it. As I get older, it isn't necessarily something that totally excites me anymore, but it was a goal and I plan to complete it! I added my Onederland banner to it, to always remember that exciting day. After I fit into the Cinderella outfit I will take it down and put up a goal pair of jeans for motivation.

Down low is my weight loss marble jars:

I have had these for a very very very long time. I have pink and purple hearts representing 1/2 a pound, large clear stones for every 10 pounds lost, and one huge pink diamond representing goal. I will tell you that I have not been the best at keeping up with moving the marbles, as it's been almost two years, but every month or so I will update the marbles to keep it current. When I first started the jars, my goal weight was 180, but now it has all the marbles for my new goal of 160.

And of course, the board:

On the left is some of my "before" photos and on the right is some of my current ones. The butterfly I just loved and it does really remind me that this a pretty big transformation that I am undergoing. I don't even recognize the girl in some of the "before" pictures. At the top I have a note that says 72 pounds down, 40 left to go! Each month I am going to update that and hopefully watch as my 40 pounds left dwindles down to 0. The great part about the board is I can change it any time. I have noticed like with the marbles, when you have something for a long time it becomes "just another piece of furniture" and you don't notice it... and I don't want the same thing to happen with the board. The best part is the wall of motivation is in my room and I see it while I'm in bed. So I will see it first thing in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed.

I made a decision while on vacation that I was done dilly dallying and that I was going full steam ahead. I lost the most weight in the most efficient manner when I made weight loss my #1 priority. I am lucky enough (or doomed enough depending on how you look at it emoticon ) that I am single and childless and live alone. All I mean by that is that I have no excuses... I only have to worry about myself, feed myself, I have all the time in the world for myself, and it is not taking away time from anyone else. So now is definitely the time to get the rest of this weight off and learn about maintenance. I have all the time in the world and this needs to be my number 1 priority... so that way if I am lucky enough to have a family someday, which is something I want very much... I will be able to try my best to find balance in keeping up with my healthy lifestyle and my family. That is one dream that I hope will come true one day.

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