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Do you talk to food?

Friday, January 10, 2014

This morning I got to work. To get to my office I must pass through the kitchen area. Eeeeeks!

In the kitchen today on the counter are dozens of donuts from Marge's Donut Den - this great little place in town that makes killer donuts. Next to the donuts is a large pan of homemade brownies. Next to the brownies are leftover Panera cookies from yesterday. Next to the leftover cookies are someone's holiday cookies from home on a plate. Really?

I looked at the donuts and spied my favorite chocolate frosted chocolate donut. I said to it - "you are just a donut and I am stronger than you. You are not going to defeat me today."

I went in my office and started to dig into my work. The donut was calling me. I kept seeing it. I took out my fat photo of myself and reminded me that eating that donut was going to keep that donut that I have around my waist. I do not NEED a donut. I might WANT a donut, but I don't need it.

Later in the morning I passed through the kitchen on the way to our lobby. Someone ate half MY donut. Yippee!!! Maybe they'd come back and eat the other half and the battle would be over. "Hah, donut see, I AM stronger than you and now you are half gone!!! But donut, if I were going to be unhealthy and eat a donut, you would be my choice."

Back at my desk. The little voice keeps talking - actually it is quite a big strong voice. You really want that donut. You better eat it or it will be gone. You know how good they are. After all we only get Marge's donuts once in a blue moon. Go ahead, have the donut. After all it is someone's birthday. Celebrate with them.

I tell myself to get to work but with each person that passes through the kitchen I wonder - did they eat my donut? I decide to get up and look. "Oh donut, you are still there! It was meant to be. You are mine." and I take the half donut out of the box go back to my desk and eat it. Then I see the photo of myself. I immediately feel like barfing. Then I scold myself for being weak. Defeated by a half a donut.

Then I do a reality check. Hmmmm, it's not even noon. Lots of food choices ahead. I track the donut to the best of my ability (who really knows how many calories are in a Marge's donut? I opt for the dunkin donut that sounds close to what I ate.) OK I can do this.

"Donut, you may have won, but you did NOT defeat me. I can still stay in my calorie count today. AND I may even workout a little longer tonight to burn a few extra calories in your memory."

Why don't I have these issues with veggies? Why is the counter never loaded with veggies? Why do the veggies not call me and talk to me? Why do I look an them and snub them and walk on by without saying a word? Hmmm. I need to change my food friends.

Lesson learned: One bad choice does not make a bad day. One bad choice is not an excuse to make a day's worth of bad choices.

OK, now I really have to get some work done.
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