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Thoughts on Turning 63- To My Fellow Sparkies

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Today is day 61 of my current streak of staying active and eating healthy. I think during these past 61 days I have only had 2 days that seemed like a struggle with eating healthy and only 1 time have I had a slight binge on granola cereal. So emoticon to me because I know in my heart that this journey is not always going to be easy.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, listening to Spark Radio, and also reading other sources of motivation and there are a few things that keep resounding in my head.
1. It doesn't matter how many times we start over. It doesn't matter anything that we did 2 seconds ago. All that matters is what we choose to do in this moment. How liberating is this?
I am choosing success at this moment. I am choosing to be healthy and do everything that will support this lifestyle. I will have this choice to make over and over again.
2. The chatter that is going on inside our heads does matter. These are the truths that we live by. It is possible to quiet the gremlins and replace them with super heroes. It is possible to only allow positive self talk. It is possible to love the body that I have right now.
I love me. I honor my body with healthy food, plenty of fresh air and exercise. I give my heart the blood and nourishment it needs in order to give me back the life I love. I am a source of love and positive emotions.
3. Physical strength - that which our muscles are made of, takes time to cultivate. I can't become strong over night. I must build this strength one baby step at a time. The same can be said about the other foundational bricks of a healthy life. Each choice that we make is a small part of the foundation that is going in to building my healthy body. The sweat and the tears and the moments of physical discomfort are also small junks of these bricks. I embrace the joy and happiness of knowing that I am building a new house for my healthy body.
4. It is important to believe in the miracle that we are. What brought us all together on the planet at this time together? What brought us Chris Downie who is so generous and sees his mission in life to build a Sparkpeople website for us all to hang out in and gain support and love from our each other? What is it that brings us all back here day after day to reconnect with our old friends and to make new connections with our old friends? The only answer I can conceive is a higher power. Call it Mother Nature, call it God, call it Allah, or Elohim, Budda, or any other Supreme Word that you live by - Something beautiful and powerful is at work in order to give us support to live our best lives. It has brought us beautiful people and spirits who are willing to share their journeys and their past stories to help us all believe that YES - if they can do it - So can I.

5. Always remember to enjoy life and enjoy the journey we are on. It is important to be happy, to bring love and peace and joy to everyone we meet and to be supportive as well as to be able to ask for support.
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