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Sunday, December 15, 2013

I've made an experiment on myself...stay tuned:)
Current weight is 172.9 kg that is 381.2 lbs
Week weight GAIN is 0.1 kg that is 0.3 lbs
I haven't weigh in every day as planned, maybe next week, cause crazy times are still here!
A bit of gain doesn't bother me at all, especially considering my experiment! I'll get back to that:)

Did some strength training, walking instead of riding a bus, not too much these days.
For some reason didn't ride my spin bike...ok...that's not OK.
It's time to put that ass where it belongs - on the bike sit!
Sorry, I'm back...20 morning minutes of spin bike riding done! Will keep it up from now on!

Was ok most of the week, except for the experiment:)
So, here it goes! I'll write it like a journal with time stamps.

Friday morning, good day...cold, snowing...magical
Today I'm going to eat like I've being eating before healthy lifestyle, call me crazy!
Maybe I am a bit, but scientist in me really calls for that, so let's plan it!
Pfff, planning...no food all day...order pizza in the evening, nope that seems too cruel.
You see my usual "dinner" was like that: huge pizza, 4 liters of soda, fries, chicken nuggets.
I had a blog about that, check it if you like:

And all of that in one sitting, classic:) like the olden days:( totaling in about 6000-8000 kcal

I'm not going to do that, see I'm not really crazy:) And I won't eat it in one sitting:)
Instead I'll more of my normal food ... twice the amount chicken, beet salad and more sweets.
My aim is at about 3500-4000 kcal which would be my daily limit to maintain my current weight, also I have some things to be done, so I'll walk in the morning a lot.

9:00 am
Breakfast, as usual...added some sweets.
2:00 pm
Lunch, more chicken, beet salad instead of usual green one, more sweets.
5:00 pm
Done all of my work stuff and all, can concentrate on my eating now:)
Feel so full after lunch, don't want to eat at all. Oh, cookie!

6:00 pm
Dinner time, I've already ate like 1300-1500 kcal, which is my usual amount per day.
I don't want to eat. I think I'm done for the day even. That's really good news, proves that my body is self aware now, and I can even drop calorie counting, which I won't cause I like it.
That'll be my next experiment! Eating strange food and counting next day, that'll be great!
But I need to push myself forward can keep on going with the experiment!
Won't be eating usual soap, too low on calorie:)...chicken again, potatoes and salad.

7:00 pm
Done with dinner, what's for desert? lots...nom nom nom
8:00 pm
Second dinner:) More sweets, all my favorites, but way too much...I hope I'll still like them:(
10:00 pm
I'm done, almost:( 3500 kcal and I have 200 kcal of nuts, let's call it evening snacks:(
I feel fine generally, I'm stuffed for sure...that seems a little too boring, I was hoping for some vivid results...oh, well
On Fridays I usually go to bad late, like 2-4 am, so 22 pm eating so not a problem for me.
12:00 am
Done eating for the day. Goal met...3800 kcal...
Stomach feels full like I just finished eating, like 4 hours ago. A bit of discomfort.
Good idea...weigh in... 390.2 lbs, compared to previous Sunday it is +10 lbs...wow!
1:00 am
I have some swirling in my stomach, is it alien:)? ... aaaaaaaaaaaa....:)
I'm constantly going to the bathroom. that's not a good sign!
I feel ok I guess, generally, I'm definitely not comfortable, but no pain in any way.
At least I've got some results, something to think and write about.
2:00 am
Here comes your vivid results, I'm now bloated, sorry, but I'm going to say it like it is.
SKIP THIS LINE IF YOU'RE SENSITIVE: I have constant diarrhea, it's gassy and painful.
3:00 am
Time to go to sleep, stomach settled, weigh in ... lost 2 lbs:) in couple of hours
It's obvious that body doesn't want that much food, even if it's good food.
4:00 am
My body hates me, I can't sleep...I'm gassy, I have to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes.
I feel so bloated and how do I say it gently...ok...medical terms:) foul-smelling eructation!
I'm telling you that's foul indeed and it's non stop...
6:00 am
ok, that whole thing is still going...not fun at all...took a pill, hope it helps a bit.
Plz stop the VIVID results...I've had enough of proof.
One thing that bring joy to my existence if that I've skipped the first idea: 6000 kcal pizza in one sitting. I don't even what to imagine what that would do to me!
7:00 am
12:00 pm
I'm up, stomach settled I guess for real this time. Pill was helpful.
Weigh in...minus 2 more lbs:) ... yay!...not
I feel sick, can't even think about food. But I need to eat.
For today I'm going eat apples most of the day and some green salad and a lot of water.
10:00 am(the next day)
Weigh in minus 6 lbs, back to previous week, but it's most likely all the water.
I'm completely fine now, going back to normal eating today...maybe less water, cause yesterday I've drank like 8 liters to clean my system.

That was definitely an experience I don't want to repeat.
Year ago I would eat all of that easily and reason for that is not that my body became worth.
Your body is actually your friend when you train it the right way.
My body told me multiple times that it had enough food, and that the whole purpose of making that transformation.
You can't always keep diary or eat home made, familiar food...but your body is very smart and adoptable...it knows how much calories it need to function. Listen to your body.

But to achieve such smart body you need to train it first, and it take less time then you think.

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