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Friday, December 06, 2013

Happy Friday to You All! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Well it's COLD in TEXAS! Sleeting all night and a wind chill of 8 degrees! Very unusual. How is the weather where YOU are? Hopefully many will be able to stay in or leave for work later in the morning. Relax and enjoy the time you have a home. Drive SAFELY and LOVINGLY if you have to get out. We should drive this way regardless of the weather. :) I'm up late getting this poem posted. I've been working on several poems today and decided to let the Holy Spirit flow and this poem came out for me to share. The Anointing was very strong as I wrote it and then as I read it back several times. I have a Heavenly minded Spirit and my heart is in Heaven. I am ready to get there but WILL wait till it's time for us ALL to get there. :) I JUST WANT TO SEE MY JESUS AND MY GOD SO I CAN HUG AND LOVE ON THEM! Enjoy the Presence of the Lord!

“I See God In My Head”

I see God in my head…
As I lay in my bed;
I am still and I hear…
As the Spirit draws near-
To whisper in my heart…
Great revelations He imparts;
I quietly turn…
As I eagerly yearn-
For more of His grace…
And His touch upon my face;
He gently embraces-
Me with His unconditional Love…
As angels dance above-
My head…
The color red-
Permeates the air…
He’s there;
I close my eyes…
I see passed the skies;
I praise the Glory and the Blood-
In an atmosphere thick as mud…
His Presence is tangible;
And the angels..
Bow down-
For there’s a Crown…
Upon His Head-
Then I fall as dead…
Upon my bed;
I see Heaven...
Then I count to seven;
I see God in my head…
By: Deborah Edwards 12/06/13

Now don't that make you want to jump into Jesus arms and just sink into ALL He is? Such a BLESSING to KNOW Him and the POWER of HIS Resurrection! He LIVES therefore WE Live! We can face anything because HIS Sacrifice placed The Blessing in our lives and we NOW have SWEATLESS Victory!
Thank YOU So much for your support and encouragement! May YOU be filled with ALL the fullness of JESUS! In Jesus' Name!
Love & Blessings!
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