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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Okay I have had it with trying to get new tri gear from the US. I really want these ZOOT shorts from REI but the shipping is ridiculous to Canada and I have to sign up for a membership for $20. Then I found them on another US webpage called SwimOutlet which is a great site that I have ordered from before yet it seems they cannot mail ZOOT products to Canada.

We are a really nice country, why is it I cannot get a frickin' pair of new Triathlon Shorts mailed to my house.....Anyone have any suggestions

Sorry but I need help on this matter. I really want these shorts!

Sounds sad but it is true.

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    I sympathise with you over here in England! I used to buy a huge amount of stuff from the USA when they had surface shipping - lighting, braided rugs, smaller stuff as well; my house is like something from Country Sampler. Sometimes I'd have to get the stuff shipped to a pal, then reshipped by her, but surface mail was cheap. Then they stopped it and it's a real bummer (especially as I've had two brass lamps stuck in MA with a friend for 5 years now, when surface mail was stopped the week I bought the lamps!) but let's bring this closer to home....

    I want to buy the Spark Tracker, but they don't ship outside USA and Canada! Whaaaaaat?? A little thing like that? Crazy. I've written to Spark to ask if I can buy one and have it shipped to a third party, so she can send it to me, but so far have had no reply. For over 20 years Ive been selling a lot of my exclusive dog design porcelain items to people around the world and here,. In our island nation, we are so used to international shipping that we can't understand the restrictions placed by much larger countries. It's simple. To me, the Internet has made us a global shopping mall and I can't understand why sellers don't see it that way. It's like losing weight - if you really want to do it you will find a way!!!!!

    BTW, I see you got your shorts! Well done - there IS a way, we've just got to think outside the box!! And aren't friends and Friends wonderful?

    2252 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Dear Canuck:

    First, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my recent blog. I do appreciate it. I seem to attract Canadian Sparkfriends like a moth to the light. Maybe its because its so dark there at this time of year?

    We love Canada. I've now been four times, and have seen parts of Ontario and British Columbia, while also traveling more extensively in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and (before the bridges) PEI. You have a beautiful country, even if we ugly USAers think of you as the big pink state to the north. Canada always seems pink on globes, as do all former British Commonwealth countries.

    I have often quipped that an entrepreneur could get rich and retire early by being in the currency exchange business at a busy border. There is good money to be made in tourist confusion, particularly when the exchange rate was not 1:1. I suspect it is the exchange rates that are causing the USA web sites to profiteer at your expense.

    In part, they may be protecting themselves from fluctuation in the exchange rate. In part, it's probably good old fashioned "because they can." You need a USA cousin or aunt or uncle to buy things for you, and reship them across the border. Not sure if its 100% legal, but it would work.

    Thanks again for stopping by.
    2252 days ago
    I got my shorts with the help of my wonderful spark friend, Racingtodoit! SParkers are wonderful!
    2259 days ago
    Find someone who is American on your friends list. Have them purchase them and then mail them to you. My only worry is that Canadian mail delivery is not the best and a lot of things get "lost" or what I want to say is taken, but that is not a fact, just my guess. It is just a suggestion. Hope you can get them.
    2259 days ago
    I love LLBEAN------Too bad you can't get what you want--GRRRR--!!!!--Merry Christmas to yu!---Lynda
    2259 days ago
    2263 days ago
    So glad many people stepped in to help you get your gear to Canada! And you are so very right! Canada is a nice and kind country - with the people being even more so. : )
    2278 days ago
    Amazing isn't it. You have some products I can't get here in calif. There must be an intermediary site somewhere. Good luck
    2285 days ago
    I was going to suggest a variation of what BogusAnnie said below... have them shipped to a U.S. friend who then turns around and ships it to you... might take a little longer, but you'd at least get what you wanted!

    Jinx, looked like you already did!
    2285 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/26/2013 7:37:46 AM
    Thanks everyone for all your help. Karen has stepped in to be my postal fairy for the shorts!!

    Thank you Karen aka Racingtodoit!

    Hugs to all

    2286 days ago
  • 4KWALK
    Too bad. I order from LL Bean and pay 0 shipping. Don't know if they handle the product you want though.
    2287 days ago
    I had no idea this was a problem All I ever hear about is people ordering medication from Canada to avoid high US prices. Shipping this direction is OK?
    2287 days ago
    I sympathize with you, Cheryl! I am stifled often and have a hard time wrapping my mind around how somehow we are seen as a foreign country, when we're really neighbours!

    When I find a good company that is willing to do business with me for reasonably good rates -- I stick with them. That actually might be good blogging material: "US companies are Canadian- Friendly."

    I hope you get your shorts.

    Take care and thanks for your continued support! emoticon
    2287 days ago
    Cheryl, there is a site called myamericanaddress.ca or com....it allows us to get one in ogdensburg....look into it!!!!

    Love you!
    2287 days ago
    Aren't spark friends wonderful!
    2287 days ago
    That stinks, that you are having trouble getting stuff shipped to Canada. Sorry about that. I order stuff from swimoutlet all the time. They have some pretty good sales.
    2287 days ago
    I was pretty sure one of our American SP friends would offer to have them mailed to their address and forward them to you . . and I see someone instantly offered! Yay Spark, hands across the border!
    2287 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13099273
    Well - I am not sure why this is an issue other that going over the Border??? Which really should not be an issue - will send email to you ? So sorry you are having issues - Hugs K
    2287 days ago
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