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Friday, November 22, 2013

What an exciting day! May gifts and surprises come YOUR way! emoticon

It's my BIRTHDAY! I'm EXPECTING my GREATEST Birthday EVER Today and GREAT Grace is UPON Us ALL! Praise the Lord for a NEW year! MORE! GREATER! LARGER! WISER! BRIGHTER! STRONGER! Attributes a my NEW year! I'm Excited for LIFE! Determined to BE all THEY Created ME to BE! You grab hold of HIS Will for YOU Today! He Points the WAY! Let's see...

I was one month old on this photo! How cute! lol

Fast forward between kindergarten and second grades

4th grade and the weight gain began!

5th grade. I became a "woman" that year! emoticon

9th grade. Picture is blown up so my face wasn't as large as it appears.

Jan 2007. I was smiling but sad. My mom had passed in Dec. 2006

This is 8th grade. I missed it up there. I lost weight before this year. 148 was my lowest weight during my teen years!

“Beautiful Wonderful Me”

It took years for me to see…
God’s beautiful wonderful me.
He created me in His Image…
Jesus’ Blood brought me into Their lineage;
Accepted me into His beloved;
His Ways I earnestly covet;
A love that is freely given;
By Him I am still living-
In all the fullness of His Love;
I’m captured by Heaven far above;
There’s no other place to be…
For beautiful wonderful me;
Adorned with jewels unknown;
In Him I have gracefully grown…
Built up and connected to the Divine…
The Holy Vinedresser and Jesus the Vine;
An Honor to be called into His Name;
Lifted up and in Him totally framed…
And changed-
By the Word that flows freely;
I am destined to live for eternity;
Oh how He Loves ME!
Staying strong…
Living long…
Empowered by He…
Who created ME to SEE-
By: Deborah Edwards 11/22/2013

It's hard to put into mere words how GRATEFUL I am for my life. I'm a MIRACLE! Amidst the tragedy of my youth I could have been lost in a world of sin forever. But GOD! He NEVER...left me alone. He PRESERVED me for HIS Purpose! Truly I AM Blessed! That mess couldn't keep what GOD Has for ME!

Thank You for Celebrating with me Today! emoticon
Love & Blessings!
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Taken in 2008 after first 50lb loss. One of my favorite photos. Summer time. Do I look sleep deprived? lol I was!

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