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Monday, November 18, 2013

I had a busy day yesterday. Went to church. Sent hubby off with the Pastor to comfort a dying friend, ultimately to comfort the man's girlfriend as he passed before the guys could get there. Went to a fellow WLS friend's house to go through her shrunk-out-of clothes. Ended up coming home with 7 tall kitchen trash bags full!

While I was there, we got to talking about the different changes we've gone through. It hit me then, that there are times when I do things now, that I could never have done, or would start, and not finish, 6 or 7 months ago! Standing for 2 hours, bending over to get clothes out of hampers? Not back then! Half hour, at the most, and I'd be wanting a nap! Coming home, giving hubby a "Fashion Show" as I was putting the clothes away? Heh. Try trying on 3 or 4 blouses, then sitting on the heating pad to relax my sore shoulders for the next couple of hours. Not yesterday! I think I tried on EVERY blouse, sweater, and jacket, then went off to fix dinner!

I'm just saying that my energy level is over the moon! I find myself looking at my house in dismay. 3 years of living here as a (pardon the terms, but it fits, in my mind) lazy, fat broad, that couldn't even vacuum her living room without having to take 2 or 3 breaks to gather the strength to do another 10 foot square, the place is filthy! After all the years of being fat, lacking ambition, and energy, I now have it, but sometimes, I just don't know where to start! Sometimes, I don't even know just how to do things, anymore. Very frustrating! But, I'm slowly getting it all done. I do get amazed at the crap laying around, or stuffed in weird places, just because I didn't have the energy to put it where it needed to be!

I'm also discovering that my color choices have changed. Where before the surgery, I was attracted to the darker purples, greens, and blues, now, I look at bright pink, orange, red, the brighter hues of the other colors. For years, I refused to wear yellow, or white. I felt they washed me out. Did nothing for me. I was surprised yesterday, with all the clothes I got, that the yellow did look good! That the white was ok, too! And the styles have changed for me, too! A shirt with a band at the hips, or waist, with the rest of the shirt blousing over... never! Well, I got several in that bunch that are that style. You know what? I love them!

I won't say I'll never go back to the "Fat Broad" attitude, but, I will definately TRY my best to NOT GO BACK THERE!!!
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    I too surprise myself with the things that I'm doing. You once would have never seen me walking a mile anywhere. I also have energy that I didn't use to have. I too have changed my styles and colors, I'm liking me more as I lose all this weight. Wish someone would give me a pile of clothes, when you can take a skirt off without unzipping it or unbuttoning it you know it's time to give it away.
    2814 days ago
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