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Time for a Rant

Sunday, November 17, 2013

So doc says I need an MRI to figure out what is going on with my hip.

Insurance approved the MRI. Great right?

No. Because I haven't met my $1750 deductible this year, the MRI will be 100% out of pocket.

Do I have money to pay for the MRI? No, of course not.

So thanks to the wonderful healthcare system and insurance system here in America, I am a middle class woman with two jobs and health insurance, yet I cannot afford a medical procedure I need.

I cannot afford a medical procedure that would help me to get better so I can continue my newly active lifestyle. That would help me get back to my attempts to be the best, healthy me that I can be. That would help me be one more person fighting against the obesity epidemic in this country.

So what does this mean for my treatment options?

This means that we wait about a month with no running or CrossFit, and we see if it gets better and heals on its own. What if it doesn't? Well that's just too damn bad because even though I have health insurance, we can't afford to treat it.

In the meantime, I feel like I am about to come out of my skin because I can't get out there and run. Last night at work, a customer forgot a bag so I went out to catch her. I turned to come back inside and without thinking about it, I started to break into a jog to get back to my register quickly. Instant pain.

I am not poor enough to qualify for assistance, but not wealthy enough to pay for my treatment. Awesome. I know that I am not alone, there are millions in the same predicament.

Why is it this way?
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  • no profile photo CD10352496
    I am so very sorry this is like that and cannot fathom why the government see's this as an acceptable situation

    2809 days ago
    I am so sorry to hear this. May you find some peace during this rest time.
    2809 days ago
    What a frustrating situation for you. Health care in the UK is paid for out of our very high taxes. I do hope a solution is found so you can live as pain free as possible. emoticon
    2809 days ago
    I am infuriated on your behalf, all the way up here in Canada, where I was lucky enough to get a free MRI after a relatively easy wait of 6 weeks. I was born in the U.S. and still love many things about it, but would never live there again full time, in large part because of the deplorable state of the health care industry and especially the health insurance biz. Maybe I've drunk the Kool Aid, but I absolutely believe that a society has no business calling itself civilized if it leaves people like you -- or anyone -- without humane and affordable health care options. I wish you the best of luck, and echo the thoughts of everyone here who is urging you not to give up, to seek out low-impact forms of cardio, and to do whatever you can to get that MRI, even if it involves a payment plan.
    2810 days ago
    My husband is Canadian, and he prefers the American healthcare system, because if he needed an MRI, it would be free, but he might have to wait up to 4 months just to get one.
    2810 days ago
    How infuriating!! I was thinking the same thing as MBTEPP. Can they put you through physical therapy that may be covered?

    I understand how much it hurts to run. When I skipped the 10K last weekend that I was working towards for months, I was completely bummed that whole day that I could not get out there.

    My heel has been aching all evening since running 15 minutes on the treadmill earlier today. We'll if I end up in the same situation you are after I see the podiatrist on Tuesday.

    Do you have access to an inexpensive health facility that has a pool. I am telling you, 10 minutes of laps this morning has every muscle in my body turned to jello. Maybe you could do that for a while? Less jarring on your body?

    I wish I could make this all better for you! I hope something works out for you!

    2810 days ago
    I completely understand your rant and I am so sorry you are dealing with this. So unfair. :( emoticon It makes you feel like why do I even have the insurance? That deductible stuff is just a killer. :(
    2810 days ago
    Hope something works out for you
    2810 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13758606
    Trixie, hang in there. I know your are between a rock and a hard spot with very little wiggle room. I know you must be frustrated. I had (have but better) hip pain for years that was aggravated by fitness, and the MRI showed nothing negative. I got to a good place with physical therapy and coddled it from there.

    Yes, I hope it heals on its own. Please find alternate fitness, like water aerobics or swimming that is gentle on the joints.

    This is what I would do, so take this suggestion for what it is worth to you. If the pain is not significantly better by New Years, then schedule the MRI, get on a payment schedule and now you have met your deductible for the coming year.

    Please do not let this derail you. Stick to your plan as much as possible, and learn from your sports injury. If you get physical therapy, it will show you how to strengthen your hips. If not, ask your doctor for therapy exercises you can do at home. It will get better.
    2810 days ago
  • ERIN1957
    Do they want the full amount up front?
    I make payments on my co-pay part. I meet with book keeping and we set up a schedule. It ticks me off that we pay huge premiums and still our out of pocket is huge. Now after the first of January it all starts over again with deductibles and out of pocket co-pay. I get very jealous of people that get health care paid for and can get all the good health care they need. Doesn't seen very fair does it?
    My best to you and hope it all works out OK.
    2810 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13928790
    It's the same for us. I need 2 teeth pulled and I'm saving up for it.
    2810 days ago
  • KMW987
    What a terrible situation! I'm thankful I'm up here in Canada and don't have to worry about health care. Hopefully you will heal on your own. Sending you good vibes!

    emoticon emoticon
    2810 days ago
    So sorry you are caught in this situation. I hope it heals on it's own and you are feeling 100% soon.
    2811 days ago
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