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Week #46 recap

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Current weight is 180.0 kg that is 396.8 lbs
Week weight loss is 2.7 kg that is 6 lbs

There is goes, you do all the right things and result will catch up, previous week was OK, but on the lower side, this week is obviously awesome. Broke 400 lbs which is a great thing, now I can watch BL without thinking "I'm bigger then all of them", at least first week:)
Let's move on to things I can actually do, other then just observe, like my weight.

This week I've being within calorie limits, even below sometimes, which is important to me, cause couple of month ago I used to eat up to my lower limit even if I didn't really wanted too.
Cheese cake, oh I love it, and great news, place I'm buying most of my food from now sells them in pieces rather then whole thing, I seldom bought it cause I had to through most of it away...it's good only for 2 days, which is actually good:) food should go bad:) even in a fridge.

It's getting cold outside and with snow/drizzling rain, it's really uncomfortable to walk for an extended period of time. So, I skipped one day this week, but used my spinning bike...yay!!!
I'd been savoring it for so long, cause winter is coming and I don't want to get bored with it.
I finished building my strength training program, it took me almost 3 weeks:)
But not it works for me! And I've adjusted my working weights and I can continue on with overloading as needed, at least "too heavy too light" phase is over.
Interesting thing is that I'm looking forward to my weight lifting...I don't know why:) sure, it's hard and bodies natural response is to save up on useless exercises:)
Here's good new thou, I know by now that I only have to push my self to start, after first set I get excited and 80 minutes just fly by.

Thanks guys for taking interest in my humble persona, you can achieve anything you set your mind too, but when hard time comes - I'm always there for you!
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