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Reasons to Start Over

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

* "Finish what you started!"

* You are not a wimp...or a quitter.

* Because jeans feel better when they hug you, not squeeze the every loving life out of you.

* Because hitting a heavy bag is fun.

* To boost your maneuverability during photo shoots and get the best shots ever.

* To be known as a superhero mom again.

* Because grocery stores invented Thanksgiving and Christmas to guilt you into indulging so that by New Year's Day they could guilt you into losing the fat behind you accrued over the holidays.

* Because today is not "two weeks before Thanksgiving" but November 13th. (see above reason)

* To regain your wardrobe, which was pretty and bright and sunshiny and not BLACK, GREY and BORING.

* Because we all miss your cheekbones.

* Because you were THIS close to having everything you ever wanted...until you get that and pick a new goal.

* Why friggin' not?

* The PF will never go away by sitting on your rump eating chocolate and talking about how much it hurts.

* Because the PF may NEVER go away. Time to learn how to deal.

* You aren't getting any younger.

* Building a business is easier when you feel confident in yourself, the image you are presenting and your work.

* Because photo shoots require tromping around for hours on end in order to find the best secluded spot for the most spot on "it's just us here in this big, beautiful world" type picture.

* Because my work suffers when I don't want to get out bed in the morning because I don't want to face what I look like in the mirror.

* Because I'm still quite pretty, I'm just hiding it...again.

* Because that last 5k was NOT my last 5k.

* Driving and traveling would be much easier, cheaper and more focused.

* Life is more fulfilling when you can actually enjoy it.

* Because being a foodie is about the quality of food, not the quantity. You can have it both ways, if you're smart.

* Two words: beach vacation.

* You did it before, you can do it again.

* Because you'd given anything to have the body you hated 90 pounds ago back.

* Because you want people to look at your face, not your stomach.

* Buying clothes is more fun in a smaller size.

* It's not rocket science.

* You never know how far you could go until you try.

* Because even though those stupid cliche messages annoy the crap out of you, you never know when you'll find a pearl of wisdom in the white noise.

* It's easier to feel kick@$$ when you know you can actually kick @$$.

* If you can't, it's better to know you seriously tried.

* To keep up with your heavily active teenagers. You rubbed off on them, it's time to return the favor.
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