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Day 1

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So, let's just pretend I wasn't here before. Let's not talk about the "f" word I'm feeling so much like and let's move on to goals and all that fancy nonsense. (The truth is, I can't afford to wait around until I have a positive attitude about this whole thing again. I have to go back to my "I don't care if you hate it, you're going to do it anyhow" mentality.)

Yesterday I weighed in at work at 395. Throughout our biggest loser contest I have managed to maintain or gain every single week. It's almost like I feel it's my job to gain weight again. So, yeah, it's time to get this beast under control again.

Goals for November:
emoticon Log every calorie every day. No excuses

emoticon Try to stay around 2200 calories. Not too far under OR over.

emoticon Drink 64 oz of water every day. Seriously, this is losing weight for dummies!

emoticon Workout for at least 10 minutes every day.

That's it. It's not rocket science. This time I just have to remember that even if you're on a plateau, you can still move forward, down the cliffside until you find the bridge. (I'm still so annoyed at myself.)

Hoping these simple steps will net me about a 5 pound loss this month. Shouldn't be too hard as long as I don't forget my brain on Thanksgiving.
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