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Well, Maybe Not Always . . .

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Okay, so maybe weigh-ins don't ALWAYS mess with my head. When the scale shows 6.6 pounds lost -- like it did this morning -- I'm pretty darn happy. Here's what helped with weight loss this week: cross-training, uniting with friends in the battle of the bulge, and getting regular sleep.

In addition to continuing to eat 1300-1550 calories a day, I exercised six days a week (Thursday is my rest day), alternating between walking 2 miles a day and biking 4-5 miles a day.

I also added friends into the mix. On Monday after work, a co-worker friend and I biked a nearby trail together. We're hoping to make this a regular Monday thing. Also, my wonderful SP friend, TennisBarb, had the great idea of coming up with a buddy challenge, so strength-training it is! We started small, with a daily 30-second plank and 30 crunches, and we're adding more ST exercises as we go.

Another super important factor is that I've been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier to get in 4o-60 minutes of exercise before work each day (except Thursday). I'm a recovering night owl, so my prior worknight routine was to get to bed by midnight or 1am and to wake up as late as possible, around 8am. Now I'm in bed by 10pm because I'm tired! Then I'm up around 6:30am. If I have a little time left after my morning walk or bike ride, it's so pleasant to have the morning to myself to putter and prepare and plan.

And that, my lovely Spark friends, is how this lady lost 6.6 pounds this week. I'd like to thank my friends Cathy and Barb for being part of this exciting trend toward being fit and healthy again.
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