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The weight and me

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I don´t know if I am right but the idea of eating "relaxed" for me is somewhat like the idea for an alcoholic to drink "relaxed" ... or call it "Normal".

I am very bored with tracking for the moment, especially since I found that exercise does not give the calorie benefits that tracker promises, still I want my exercise minutes for health and it seems like tracking is a motivator.

There is nothing physically wrong with me, I digest nutrition as I should and have no food allergies – not even sugar. In another surrounding I would have no weight problems, but in the world I live, with the conditions I have and with my personality – I will eat too much if I don´t create a working system not to. That system varies depending on many things so it needs to be flexible and adjusted from time to time.

I sometimes wish I was busy,busy busy with creative and interesting things, because then food would not be interesting. But then I remember the first years of my paper as well as the times when I was a public lecturer on tour, both things was really creative and fulfilling and occupied me totally – but eating was chaotic and I gained 40 kilos during those years so it is something wrong with that solution.

Another thought is that I have lost the best when my life depended on routines – working between eight and five, not having too many commitments outside work and myself - I do have that opportunity now because I can work regular times, and the theatre is the only thing apart from my dog that have claims on my free time...

I can also see that depressed ties - during cancer, separation or economical crises, has not influenced my weight that much - true, I have not lost and true that it has given a slow rise of weight but compared to the massive weight gains I have had through my chaotic but creative periods it is nothing.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a great idea to spend some time reflecting on what's normal for you and what are some of the ways you react to food or situations.

    Routines seem to work best for me too.
    2214 days ago
    For me, the weight loss journey is an every day working on small steps to change so I can lose. I am so good at maintaining, I had almost forgotten what it was like to lose.

    Alas, I have tried another eating plan based on low glycemic foods and have lost another 12 pounds this summer. only 40 left to shed. best part is I know what I have lost will never come back in massive amounts - I have learned new habits which will not allow that to happen.

    Keep searching dear Meddy, the key to all your success will be found one baby step at a time. and I Know you know all about those!! emoticon

    2214 days ago
  • 1SALMON1
    I will always have to be vigilant about eating - never relaxed, or "normal" whatever that is. The early part of this very day I went completely back to my old ways - did not eat in the morning, and did not drink much water. I was working outside and felt awful, and realized I'd pretty much given no thought to food all day. I used to do that all the time, then in the afternoon and evening I'd eat way too much. So this evening I'm being watchful. But I'm surprised - how could I so easily revert after all this year of working on managing that better? My biggest weight gain occurred while living with people who's main recreation was going out to eat, or having people over to eat. Living alone and having a regular schedule helps me a lot. When something upsets my routine I'm likely to binge. We will keep thinking about it, and learning; we'll figure it out eventually... Have a wonderful week!
    2214 days ago
    I'm not sure what to say except you and I do best with a schedule and I hate to admit to that sometimes.
    2214 days ago
    I never agree with the extra calories on the tracker, so I adjust to what I know my body can handle.
    2215 days ago
    I don't base what I eat on the fitness tracker. If your nutrition tracker and fitness tracker are communicating it may be giving you a higher calorie range. You can go into Account preferences on your start page and change that.

    If you do better with a schedule, go for it. You need to find what works best for you and it sounds like that is what you are working on.
    2215 days ago
    Life does take us through many stages as we pass through the ages. I eased into retirement for that reason, taking a part time job for a few years. I've backed away from technology, enjoying it here as a tool but not depending on it for tracking my diet and exercise as it is not always available and not what I want to be doing on vacation. My goals are healthy choices, 1800-2000 calories a day, and a minimum of 120 fitness minutes a day. Most days I move more than that. This has kept me in my maintenance range. I do have to track, no mindless eating. I do have to count calories, I also count protein grams now. I use a day planner that opens to one week at a time. That little 2"x4" square for each day is enough to hold all my data in my abbreviated shorthand. I rarely have to look up a calorie count; I've done this a long time. Fitness is built into my life, I only count uninterrupted blocks of time 10 minutes or more and include: walking, yoga, yard work, gardening, hooping, heavy housework, dvd's and less and less the gym. My day planner and walking shoes can go where ever I go. No excuses, this is my life and pretty automatic today. You will find what works for you and your life; no matter where it takes you. You are NOT a quitter! You ARE a doer!
    emoticon emoticon
    2215 days ago
    I replied to some of your thoughts in comments on blog entries of mine that you expressed those on...
    I'm not sure if we can assume that the way things were earlier in life will be so again, now. We're not the same persons. So if you gained a lot while living an active fulfilled life back then, it need not be so that this would happen in the same way today. Or if depression and tough life events did not lead you to gain back then, it does not necessarily (I think) predict how such events and moods would influence you now.
    Life is just so complicated! :)
    2215 days ago
  • JACKIE15108
    As far as the fitness tracker and the amount of calories listed.....I have no idea if it is right or wrong for me....I use it as a guide to whether or not I'm improving my time or distance, etc. Maybe you can use it like that also.
    Good luck with the diet and healthy eating. emoticon
    2215 days ago
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