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Round two of radiation is DONE.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Well it's been awhile since I posted on this blog.

This past week has been nothing short of crazy. It's showing and it's affecting my schedule! ACK! Mark started showing signs of serious skin breakdown about a week or so ago. They had extended the radiation for an extra 8 days to try to be sure they shrunk the mass as much as possible. In the meantime, my days got busier as we went from lotion on the redness to doneboro soaks and silvadine to try to help him get thru the 2nd and 3rd degree burns he ended up with on his neck, shoulder, back and armpit. UGH.

In the midst of all that, he had a hearing before an administrative law judge to determine if they should go back further for his onset date for disability. (Spring of 2012 the judge in KS ruled that he qualified from February 2012 forward...) So I was scrambling getting medical records again because for some reason the cd's with medical records for his representative and for the SSDI office both were showing up as corrupted files after sitting for a year. Got it done, got to hearing, and low and behold we didn't even have to sit thru everything. =) Judge started off by telling them that he had reviewed the file and was willing to offer an onset date in 2009. (Not sure if it was January or August, but we'll take either one.) Mark accepted and it was over. Just like that. *BIG HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!! =) So with the government shutdown it won't likely be that we see it anytime soon, as the notices and such come from an office in Virginia that's been furloughed. But it's done, and I'm just glad.

THEN... when we saw his radiation oncologist this week, we saw a different doctor as his is out of town for the week. We pointed out a couple of lymph nodes on his neck and chest that seem to be all swelled up and he confirmed from the computer that these are outside the radiation field. So we'll do a CT scan again in a month to see if they show up. That was more than just a bit of a downer. But we have carried on.. what else can we do, right?

For the time being, I'm thankful we are getting a break from the daily visits to the hospital. Hoping we can get him healed up quickly from the burns. The doctors think 8 to 10 days he should be doing much much better. In the meantime, yesterday we both slept on and off all day after we got back from radiation. I think exhaustion has set in. =)

I got up today feeling much better. But also knowing I need to get it together here. I've become complacent once again. I know it's been crazy busy this week, and I only made it to curves twice. Don't have a plan to go today as I've been having fits with my lower back and knee. Mark thinks it might be because when I was there the last time I really pushed it... did 2 rounds at 150%. (When I usually do 8 reps, I did 12, and when I usually did 16 reps, I did 24.) That's about as hard as I've ever worked there... and I'll confess, by the time I was getting to the end, my arms and legs were just shaking from the effort. I figured a good thing... right now my body is telling me to quit trying to be a rock start and just get consistent with 100%. =) Probably not a bad idea for the moment... or maybe bump it up to 125%.... hehe. =)

WELL... true story.... it's been a BAD week for food for me. Instead of grilling the Iowa chops I wanted to grill night before last, Mark wanted pizza. Because he really needs to keep weight on, I was like, ok. At one time, not many months ago, I'd have gotten his pizza and grilled my pork chop. But no, they had a *DEAL*... omg. So we got not one but TWO pizzas. Enough said about that. THEN.... he invited his brother over for breakfast yesterday morning... biscuits and gravy and eggs. After he'd asked and his brother accepted.... he looked at me and said, you can do that, right? =) Gotta love him for trying, I suppose. =) ANYWAY.... so that happened yesterday, as well as leftover pizza. I just need to get it together, get back to fresh fruits and veggies, steamed and such. Get back to more pork and chicken and fish and grilling...

SO... that's how my week has been... glad radiation is done for now, and looking forward to a better week next week!!! =)

Hope everyone is keeping on keeping on!

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