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It's been a long journey

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hi Spark people!!
Well I have gone through some changes including but not limited to losing my job and moving our entire family from California to Texas (over the last 1.5 years). One thing I have been so worried about has been gaining my weight back after doing HCG (while I had a job!). But I am happy to report that the weight has stayed off and even more has come off. Not due to stress because through it all I have found myself much happier and more at peace then ever before.
I will say selling everything we own and moving across the country was a journey both physically but mentally too. So much baggage gone it feels amazing! Financially we are on the mend but physically and emotionally we are all stronger and closer.
I haven't been watching my good intake but I am always mindful of what I am eating and continue to weigh in daily or as often as I can find a scale. Now that we have our own place again it's back to weighing in daily! I actually for down to 152 at one point but this last month I gained a few back and have decided to join a diet bet challenge and am determined to lose down to my comfort zone back into the 155 range. I think it's healthy to have a 5lb range and mine is 155-160 (I'm 163.2 now). Anyone not family with diet bet it's a website where you place a bet (my group is doing $10) if you lose 4% of your weight in 28 days you get to split the pot with everyone else who also lost 4%. How perfect?! No competing to be the biggest loser just to be healthy!! It starts Saturday and I am pumped!
I have been running sporadically when I can here and there but am also excited to be able to get back I to a workout routine.
In the end life's been crazy but I am proud it didn't cause me to gain weight as before I was such an emotional water. I have never been this small without working out 4 hours a day and tracking every crumb so every day I am amazed at what I have done. I never would've believe it was in me!! So I KNOW it's in you!!!
Here's my before and after pics. I was over 200lbs here, can't remember the exact weight and to the right is today at 163. :)
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