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.you have the power within you.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Last week I made the mental comittment to truly commit to being fit. I exercised every day. Even if it was nothing more than a 10 minute walk; I made sure I moved every single day. I ate healthy. Darn near every meal; darn near every day. Not perfect by any means but I had absolutely no junk food last week with the exception of my 7.5 oz coke that I allow myself daily. And no, I don't count that as junk. That's my morning coffee

I had no chips; no cookies; no hamburgers; no cups full of Lucky Charms (yes, I would eat that). I ate protein and vegetables and drank lots of water. And you know what the result is today? I'm down 8 lbs from when I first started back; I'm thisclose to being back in the 180's but most importantly, I FEEL GREAT!! I feel stronger and lighter and healthier and happier. I have more energy and I'm sleeping better. It didn't kill me to get out of bed this morning. I did a morning Spark video and am actually looking forward to my walks at work today.

The power is within all of us. We lose it from time to time and we have a bad day or a bad week. But that doesn't have to mean we give up and go back to what we were. It means for a few days we just have to dig a little deeper and find that thing that made us start in the first place. That desire to be healthy and fit. That desire to live a longer life with those we love. And yes, that desire to NOT be the fattest person in the room anymore. Whatever drove you to start Spark in the first place is still there. Don't let a few bad days blow out your flame!

It's Monday. Most of us consider that a clean slate. A do-over. So if you've had some bad days, put them behind you. They're gone and you can't do anything about them. But you can do something about today.

What do you choose?

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