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so mad at me....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I don't know why I like certain remarks get to me. We are doing alot of work at the homeplace we will retire to. I very carefully watch what I eat and make selections that are good. I do NOT eat chips because they are a trigger I go off one way in the grocery store there & hubby & son go off another. They come back with Flaming Cheetos, one of my favorites. I informed them I didn't ask for any chips for me it was for them, I planned on getting me a veggie bag light dip for it. Well it cause a scene in the store. Didn't care I am tired of fighting the weight and him too.
Guess it is all the stress. I can say the littlest thing and get in trouble. I just had an awful Monday, I know it can't be all me. I watched the intake & the exercise. Didn't post today. Then after an angry moment I didn't binge but I ate chips I didn't want.. Why all I can come up with was I so mad. It is sad to think emotions still rule and I can't control them. I am maintaing and not loosing. but I have to remember I am not gaining. Drinking lots of water & unsweet tea. Trying to stay away from diet soda's Just had a bad choice day. So I will start anew in the morning. it is the only thing I can do. I have to do.. it is that simple..
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