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Friday, September 13, 2013

It's FREESTYLE FRIDAY! emoticon I have a double billing today and one is light hearted, "STUPIDSTITIOUS" not meant as judgment because I know you are on stable ground. The Word of God! As a child I was around people who really believed in superstitions. I remember one day walking home from school this older girl asked me if I was walking with the group and I said yes then she pulled me backwards to the other side of the pole I split! lol Fear is Faith contaminated. "TAKE IT!" Is inspired by Mark 11:23-24 and the meaning of the words, "believe you receive" (shared by Gloria Copeland). Fear and unbelief holds us back from what Jesus did for us and what the Father has made available to us. We have to TAKE what God has for us BEFORE we SEE it. He supplies our needs, but are we TAKING them? This is a GREAT day even if it is Friday the 13th!

One, two, three, four…
Throw unbelief out the door!
Five, six, seven, eight…
In foolishness don’t participate!
For many people today-
Are stupidstitious in many ways;
Black cats, wasting salt;
Jump over cracks as you walk;
Splitting poles, Friday the 13th;
Some won’t even cross the street!
All this mess comes from hell…
In fear he wants us to dwell-
Be wise and not a fool-
Hold up…be cool!
I’m not calling names-
The Bible says just the same;
Be leery of old wives tales;
Soothsayers or fortunes told for they fail;
Step on those cracks!
Your foot is on the enemy’s back!
Pull down strongholds;
Great Power unfolds;
Casting off imaginations;
Stops the enemy’s instigations;
Think on God’s Word…
For superstition is absurd;
That enemy is on FIRE;
We rule HIGHER!
Be not unwise;
But understand God’s Will for our lives!
By Deborah Edwards 9/13/13

Believe and Receive;
Just take it!
Mark 11:23;
Just say it!
You can receive;
The Word is true indeed;
For by it we are freed…
God supplies all our needs;
Just take it!
We still have to believe;
Just take it!
Toss fear out;
Just take it!
Remove all doubt;
Just take it!
Jesus gave us clout;
Just take it!
Faith creates.
Just take it!
Fear eliminates;
Just take it!
Whatever you say…
Just take it!
At the time you pray;
Just take it!
By Deborah Edwards 9/13/13

Thank you my Blessed & Highly Favored SparkFriends! I appreciate you Sparking by! You give me such great motivation and encouragement! You are the APPLE of God's Eye! Your LOVE flows! I feel it! ENJOY the weekend full of LOVE, JOY & PEACE!
Love & Blessings!
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