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Monday, September 09, 2013

This blog is for everyone, but it's especially for those on this journey with me that have a LOT of weight to lose. emoticon worrying about how long it might take to get this weight off, stop stressing over the numbers and how many pounds you have to lose each month to get there in a certain amount of time. When we have a loooooong way to go on this journey, it can get so overwhelming to know that it could take months or even years to get all of this weight off... but it'll be worth it in the end!

Every time I started a weight loss journey (and that is TONS of times over my 27 years), the first thing I'd do is crunch the numbers. Well I want to lose XXX amount of weight... so if I lose 2 pounds a week for XX amount of time, I will be to my goal by XX/XX/XX. But wait, what if I lose 3 pounds a week, and oh add in the fact I'll probably lose 5 the first week, so when can I get to my goal? emoticon How long it took was already overwhelming, but what was even worse is doing the math to figure out how to get a calorie deficit for 3 pounds a week. It usually resulted in "OMG, I'd have to eat 1200 calories AND burn over 1000 calories a day to get that deficit, I can't do that so I might as well give up!" emoticon *Cut to me, in the Jack In The Box Drive Thru, ordering enough food for 2-3 people.* emoticon

Now don't get me wrong, a huge part of goal setting is to put a time frame on it... and I understand why. Saying you will do it "someday" isn't good enough... but for me time specific goals didn't work. I wanted to be 199 by the end of 2012 and I didn't hit that milestone until July of this year. When I didn't get it by 12/31/12 I was devastated. I had to really rethink my journey and realize that weight loss isn't a simple lose 2 pounds every week kind of thing... we have to learn to adapt and change... and roll with the punches.

So be honest, when I tell you I've lost 80 pounds so far, what is your first thought? If it's not your first, it's at least your second, and that's "I wonder how long it took her!" Well I am here to tell you that it was not any steady consistent weight loss. There were plateaus and gains and all sorts of twists and turns along the way. I'm going to show you what my journey has looked like.

My highest weight was 272, I lost 10 pounds before starting my (3rd) journey on Spark People in March of 2012. I weighed weekly (more or less), but I will spare you and show it more as a monthly recap.

March 20, 2012: 262 (-10 from highest)
April 11, 2012: 256 (-6)
May 2, 2012: 252 (-4)
June 8, 2012: 246.8 (-5.2)
July 6, 2012: 239.4 (-7.4)
August 17, 2012: 230 (-9.4)
September 10, 2012: 227 (-3)
October 10, 2012: 218.8 (-8.2)
November 29, 2012: 214 (-4.8)
emoticon So this is where things get dicey... I hit a huge plateau, regained some weight, and genuinely had a hard time for a long time.
December 6, 2012: 212 (-2)
December 26, 2012: 212.4(+.4)
January 8, 213: 216.8 (+4.4)
February 13, 2013: 211.4 (-5.4)
March 6, 2013: 210 (-1.4)
April 8, 2013: 215 (+5)
May 8, 2013: 215.4 (+.4)
June 15, 2013: 211.6 (-3.8)
July 8, 2013: 204.4 (-7.2)
August 8, 2013: 195.2 (-9.2)
September 4, 2013: 191.8 (-3.4)
emoticon What isn't shown in here is there was a time in April or May where I actually got back up to 222, and had to start losing that weight again.

So if you haven't learned anything from this blog emoticon, and you are still doing the math, that is 70 pounds lost in 18 months, which is just under 4 pounds a month on average. That is not outstanding by any means, but it's proof that if you are consistent it will all add up in the end! There are two ways to look at my journey... One way is to look at all the time I wasted! If I had done a better job I would have already been to my goal by now. But the new me looks at it like this: I have been on this journey for 18 months, have a total weight loss of 80 pounds, I have never given up. There are many times where I gained weight back, lost the same weight over again, or been super stuck for weeks at a time. There were weeks I didn't exercise, weeks I ate everything in sight... but I never once threw in the towel. In all my previous attempts I never lasted more than 6 months or 40 pounds lost, so I have definitely changed in so many ways! I learned so much from plateaus and regaining some of the weight back, and I am stronger because of it! emoticon So the next time you want to be upset you only lost 1 pound, or you think this is just taking too long, remember to keep your eye on the emoticon, stay consistent, pick yourself back up when you fall down, and remember it will all add up in the end! We will get there when we get there! emoticon Just stay focused and put in the work and you can get to wherever you want to go! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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