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progress is slow but fruitful

Monday, September 02, 2013

yess ive been missing aain.. i havnt been able to stay focused much lately to do much of anything, mornings seem to be the best for me ruight now, its the only time i get any sort of quiet time. my sciatica is getting better slowly, im on week 9 of it, im down to just taking aleve, (bc if my back is achy), my docter sent me to a nureologist last week for some testing, this involved electro shocks (ow), right now im still waiting on those results. i finally saw the therapist at the counsaling place, but i have to wait till the 17th to see the doc to get put on meds, but they gasve me a diasgnosis, i am ADD w/ severes depression level 1, but fixable, her anger was toward the insurance company because ive been diagnosed this and everytine i start taking meds , the insurance doughnut holes it and i have to go off it, and then im back at square one, this last time was the worst. SO thats where we are with that. i still cant work full shifts at cracker barrel, but im getting round 20 hrs Which is more than i could do before, im still hunting for a diff job, a desk one would be great.
my grandaughter is doing great, shes right on track, lol shes a mess! oh but i have lost more weight and my workouts are getting a little longer and im getting to add weights to the machines slowly, i can do a full 30 mins on the ski machine, thisd is good news and its also my time of de- stressing lol..
i think its getting better somewhat, i wish our financial situation would get better, but io guess one day at a time right now, like my leg things i guess happen slowly, but you get more permanent results in the end!!!!
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