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Tummy Diagnosis- Pancreatitis!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Well, I was at work on Friday feeling pretty tired. I wasn't really feeling it but I got to work on time and was in my chair pretending to work but just didn't feel good. Then the room started going dark and I felt much weaker. My stomach had been bothering me for a while and was doing it's bloating thing. I thought the bloating was the reason my back was hurting too... like pregnant women feel from the size of their stomach. Yes, I bloat pretty bad... I got up to stretch my back and almost collapsed. Room started getting dark again and I realized I was really sick. I wasn't in any real acute pain though. Mainly tired and uncomfortable and unable to focus. I figured I was having another stroke so went down to employee health and took my blood pressure. It was really low with a diastolic of 57 and my pulse was very low too. I'm crashing! Took it again and it was even a bit lower! Told my boss that I almost fainted and was crashing and I was going to take myself to the minor emergency clinic. She said "OK, I have a meeting at 3 that I'm getting ready for, sorry." Awww! Isn't she compassionate! She should have called 911. So I drove all the way to my house and went to the minor emergency clinic in my neighborhood instead of the one in the med center where I work. I did not want to be stuck in the med center and that was a great (although dangerous) decsion on my part. At least I didnt faint while driving!

Realized that I was at the same clinic that Barry was at when he almost died from a GI bleed and that started the whole downhill spiral for him. He couldn't drink anymore and didn't want to live if he couldn't drink. The nurse was very nice and offered me a different room right away when I told her that was the one they put Barry in...

Blood pressure and pulse continued to drop. Then the doctor came in and said "You're going to the hospital!" I said, "Why?" Pancreatitis! I had already had my gallbladder checked out and they said it was fine even though all my symptoms were that of a gallbladder attack. I knew I couldn't eat fatty foods but even healthy foods were making me sick now. Ugh! So I got my very first ambulance trip to the hospital. I couldn't eat or drink at all, which gave my pancreas time to rest. My enzymes went down to normal levels on Sunday so they released me at 10pm that night and I was at work on time on Monday morning. I had an event that day so skipping work was out of the question. They dropped three of my four BP meds since they were on the list of ones that can cause pancreatitis. Guess the poor thing was being assaulted for years. I have actually been having GI symptoms for eight years and have been going to the GI docs for about 5 years. Different docs too after I got the feeling the first one couldn't help me anymore. So now I am taking pancreatic enzymes now orally before meals. I've taken two doses so far. Let's hope this works and that I don't develop diabetes or pancreatic cancer from the damage.
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    OMG...scary!! Glad you are feeling better though!! I have to say it's not like you aren't surrounded by hospitals all over the place up there...but glad finally someone figured out what was causing your problems.
    2736 days ago
    O my! That sounds like a mighty dangerous situation, darlin'. Sure glad to hear you're better now. Take good care of yourself~ *hugs* BB~ emoticon
    2741 days ago
    Kathy, I am so sorry you have been going through this. At least now they know what it is and hopefully they can get you on the road to recovery. Your boss sounds like real witch. I cannot believe she could not at least offer to have someone drive you the to urgent care center (or whatever it is you call it). Do you work in a hospital? I'm wondering why you could not have been seen there?

    Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better soon. Sending lots of positive vibes and hugs emoticon your way hon! -Connie

    2741 days ago
    That is a dangerous condition! So glad that you made it to the hospital on time. How very lucky you were to be able to drive yourself home and then to the clinic near your home. I hope no more pancreatic problems are in your future. So glad that you are Ok, you were blessed! emoticon emoticon
    2741 days ago
    Glad your feeling better but wow I am surprised you were on 4 different medications for your blood pressure it definetly sounds like a bit of over medicating on the doctors part...But then again I am one of those that think most doctors are that way,they try to fix everything with pills and if that don't work they prescribe more!
    I am just glad your on the road to feeling better Big emoticon
    2741 days ago
    good lord girl! Next time dial 911 yourself! So glad you are feeling better
    2741 days ago
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