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Beaming with joy

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today I have a very jovial attitude towards the world. This is rather normal for coming out of "dead-line" zone with my business edition. I build stress and anxiety as long as I don´t know if I will make it one more time... and then as we start editing and I get a hold on the pages and realise that yes! I will have enough... anxiety lifts and the relief is sooo good.

I also know that the anxiety depends on the one big article I have to write every time – a personal interview with an interesting business person. It is always inspiring and interesting to do those interviews but then writing the article...I think I worry that I will not write good enough, that I will not do those people justice – I mostly think that the text comes out a little flat and gloomy compared to the real person.

I am also a little nervous that my weight-loss does not sum up with the caloricount I make - I have lost about half a kilo every week (which is great!) but my calorie deficit tells me I am eating about 7000 cal less a week which should mean a loss of one kilo in average... and I know my body is not a computer but during all my dieting years I have been a schoolbook example with this – over time I have lost as much as my calorie count has told me that I ought to. So either I am not tracking correctly or there is something going on in my body that I do not know of...as a cancer survivor I get a little nervous when facts do not agree. I will keep an eye on this...

Dawn is breaking, still not enough to see what the weather will be like but I am hoping for the best!

Oh – what did I learn yesterday? I learned from a TED talk why we should not use bike helmets... sweden is BIG on all sorts of safety equipment but according to this speech it would be more logical to wear a walking helmet as the danger of hurting the head is bigger when walking than when biking...interesting and once again assuring me that reality does not matter – it is what we think about reality that rules.
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    Re AJDOVER1's comments about the disparity between calories consumed / calories burned, individual absorption rates, etc: the same is true of the famous GI lists and the GI diet. Because different people can have very different reactions to the same food in the same quantity, the best we can do is use such lists as rough guidelines. I read that there are so many factors that come into play - time of day, starting body-weight, amount of exercise, age, other foods eaten at the same time, etc - that it's nearly impossible to predict exactly how a person's body may react to a particular food.

    If I have the tiniest bit of white potato, my blood glucose goes way up; I can have a good-sized sweet potato, though, and except for the excessive calories - no problem. A diabetic friend can have white potatoes in moderation, but sweet potatoes will raise her BG. Me, I can't really do bananas or melon. Someone else, bananas and melons pose no problems. And so it goes.

    The other part of all this is the old bugaboo, age. Not only does our metabolism slow down, it's not as efficient in general. I think that has more to do than anything else with the rate of weight-loss, or even whether we lose anything at all. I think of it like a car - when the car is relatively new, it burns fuel efficiently, an oil-change can rejuvenate it, and it hums along in good shape. Then, as it ages, it might develop odd glitches, working in fits and starts. It becomes less fuel-efficient, less reliable, and might need frequent top-ups of oil.

    All down to age, methinks, as the balance shifts...
    2291 days ago
    Don't stress over the theoretical "Calories in vs Calories out" equation. The numbers on both sides of the equation are gross estimates. A recent article in Scientific America called into question the whole calculation of calorie counts in food. Apparently there's a wide variation in how many calories individuals absorb from food. We can only do the best we can to eat nutritious food and exercise consistently. I've been tracking my food and fitness for years. If I lost weight at the rate my overall calorie deficit shows I should, I should have completely vanished several months ago.
    2291 days ago
    You are doing great! I understand the joy of meeting deadlines and a job well done! Congratulations on the consistent weight loss.
    2292 days ago
    Nice to get a job done!

    Walking helmets!?! I do feel unsafe sometimes when I'm walking. I feel invisible! Actually I feel invisible on my bike too, like car drivers just don't see me and that's why they come up behind me way too close.
    2292 days ago
    This is great, Meddy! You are a lifelong learner! emoticon
    2292 days ago
    You are doing great and you really should be pleased with yourself. One thought is that if you are eating 7000 less calories, maybe your metabolism is slowing down the avoid starving - sometimes LESS doesn't mean MORE weight loss, but rather a slowed metabolism. Maybe one or two days a week you might want to eat a bit more to reassure your body that you WILL give it the fuel it needs so it can let go of the weight a bit more generously. Our bodies are designed to SURVIVE during times of feast AND famine and so occasionally they try to protect us by doing that.
    2292 days ago
    emoticon I know that feeling - a little - of having delivered an article and the relief it brings!
    2292 days ago
    I love TED. I haven't heard the talk you mention. My favourite speaker of the moment is Sir Ken Robinson.

    2292 days ago
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2292 days ago
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    Have a good night!
    2292 days ago
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