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Saturday, August 24, 2013

According to the Wikipedia, Hodge-podge is a word used to describe a confused or disorderly mass or collection of things; a "mess" or a "jumble".

And yes, that's pretty much what this entry will be. There's a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly!

I'll start with the best news…I finally heard from my son and he will be coming home from Afghanistan a couple of weeks sooner than was originally expected!

Can I get a emoticon

It's been a very long road and has really worn on my nerves, at times knocked my spirit down and has tested my faith... and I expect that it won't get better until I see his face getting off of that bus on the Marine Corps. base. Having your only child so far away and in possible harms way feels like teetering on the edge of madness every single day.
Now for the UGLY…my 3-11 shift in the ER on Thursday…holy cow it was a ZOO (no pun intended) for real. I couldn't figure it out…wasn't a full moon, wasn't Monday, wasn't Friday…I was clueless. But what I DID know is that I was not about to sit down anytime soon, or even eat for that matter! Without all of the details let me just say that it ran the gamut from A-Z of "issues"…flying cardiac patients out, kids…LOTS of kids…you name it, it was there…filling up all of the rooms, and the waiting room. It was still a full house when I finally left after midnight.
By the time I got out to my car I already had it in my mind that I didn't care right now, I was hitting the McDonald's drive through…I had not eaten anything since 11 that morning and I was about to chew my own arm off. It was going to be a "double diet coke meal" kind of night. I pulled into the parking lot and instantly felt some sort of self defeat…no way, I'm stronger than this….I parked, got out, and went to my trunk to get my little igloo cooler with food that was supposed to be my dinner, took out the chicken and the nectarine and left McDonalds eating my dinner on the drive home! DISASTER (aka Binge) DIVERTED!!!

Also, a little about the gifts that my husband brought home for me the other day. He went to pick up my MacBook from getting fixed (I spilled diet root beer on it), and came home with more than just that. He's been very worried about my health, he is seeing such a difference now that I got the bejeezus scared out of me at the doctor's appointment, and now have started to take care of myself. Anyway, the two great items…

#1 Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale
#2 Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
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VERY cool items. The scale is wireless and uploads the information right into the Withings Health Mate site and the Health Mate app for my iPhone. The blood pressure monitor plugs right into my iPhone and uploads to the same app. The scale pairs with many other apps and sites…even SparkPeople! Also RunKeeper, and BodyMedia (both of which I use) and many, many others. I can see all of the information in one place with either the app or the website, and the scale just syncs up with SP when I tell it to and inserts that data from the scale onto the Spark site. Weight is not the only thing it measures. It also calculates BMI. Another cool function is that it send a small signal thorough you when you are standing on the scale to get the % of body fat and lean mass. Oh yeah, and temperature of the room and air quality!

A few other things worth noting…I adore the The Biggest Loser game for Xbox Kinect, I have reestablished my adoration for Callanetics and Leslie Sansone walking programs. And finally a big shout out to YouTube for having a GAZILLION free workout videos!!!

Good night and enjoy the weekend!
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