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A healthy feast

Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm really happy with my last week of exercise and eating. A month back, I read a great book by Chip and Dan Heath about making decisions and how to work around our tendencies to make unhealthy decisions. Here's how I got through a VERY busy and social week:

Wednesday date night with my husband at one of the city's top restaurants - we walked there and back along the river. As soon as my food arrived, I divided it in half and put it in a takeaway container. I stayed away from the bread and butter and just drank water and americano's. Before we went for dinner, we went for a workout. I upped my cardio because I knew I'd be eating a bit more richly than usual.

Thursday. Someone was selling gourmet cupcakes in the lobby at work as a fundraiser. I set myself a decision "tripwire" a few days before, when the posters went up - if I lost 6 pounds at my weigh-in, I could choose to buy a cupcake. Surprise! I didn't lose 6 pounds. But somehow, linking my choice to a tangible outcome made it much easier to firmly lock down the cupcake temptation. I did a big workout after work. Got home too tired to cook, but pulled out trusty Blue Menu frozen meal and then added a big portion of plain zucchini and cauliflower to it - stirred up the meal to get the sauce on the veggies. I got lots of vegetables and the fiber made me feel fuller. Dinner was the leftovers from my amazing meal the night before (it was truly delicious).

Friday, I didn't have time to make lunch, but I grabbed a bunch of precut veggies and a microwave weightwatchers meal to bring to work. Not the best, in terms of sodium, but a heck of a lot better than the Tim Horton's cafeteria downstairs options!

Saturday, I got up and worked out. Had a great swim. Then I went to work for a contract client. I didn't have lunch, but I did make sure to eat a couple of apples. Too tired to cook that night, but frozen dinner and a huge salad worked for both of us.

Sunday, made oatmeal before gardening, then went to Savour Ottawa luncheon. Wholly wow. All the food was fresh from local farmers and prepared by top local chefs. A two hour sit-down luncheon al fresco. I got up from the table uncomfortably full, although most of my fullness came from protein and vegetables, not starch and sweets. That night, i was still full, so instead of making dinner that we didn't feel like, I had a bit of Greek yogurt and some berries for dinner.

Have to say that having my vegetables pre-washed and cut makes a big difference. I'm even just grabbing a big tub of veggies, stirring a bit of smoked paprika into some low-fat greek yogurt, and then eating that for lunch. It is satisfying me.

A month ago, I would have sworn that I couldn't stop eating several portions of starch a day. Won't say that it was easy, and I'm sure there will be backsliding days, but the palate does change.

Incidentally, I'm saving tons of money not buying junk food or lunches. So I've decided that I will buy as many pounds of organic strawberries (which always feel like a huge treat to me) as I want, each week. It won't cost more than $20, which is still less than i was spending on high sugar/high starch foods!

Another thing I've been doing is dividing my "list" up into things that HAVE to be done versus
SHOULD be done. This weekend I let all the "shoulds" slide and had a great, relaxed couple of days with my husband. It was nice.
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