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You are what you think

Monday, August 19, 2013

Found an article in swedish newspaper that was translated from american science - the quote relevant for Spark People is:

"We also tend to think that our bodies respond to physical exercise in a mechanical way. We count our calorie intake, the calories we lose on a treadmill, etc. However, merely changing our thoughts about our physical activity seems capable of changing our bodies. Hotel room attendants clean on average 15 rooms per day, each room taking between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. (The physical activity involved meets the Surgeon General’s recommendation of at least 30 minutes of physical exercise per day for a healthy lifestyle.)

However, most hotel room attendants believe that they do not get regular exercise; and a lot of them believe that they do not get any exercise at all. Alia Crum and Ellen Langer told hotel room attendants that their work provided the recommended exercise for a healthy lifestyle. This treatment group was monitored for 4 weeks. A control group of hotel room attendants, who were not told that their work provided the recommended exercise, was similarly monitored.

People in the treatment group lost weight; their body fat percentages, waist-to-hip ratios, and systolic blood pressures dropped. People in the control group showed no such improvement. These changes occurred despite the fact that the hotel room attendants’ amount of work, amount of exercise outside of work, and diets stayed the same."

For those of you who wants to read the whole article:

It makes me even more convinced that the mental training program I have started is an important tool in my way to recovery.

Otherwise I have spent my morning with writing a chronicle about female nerds - and in my research for this I have been totally fascinated with the fate of the three swedes who tried to sail over the north pole in a balloon 1897. They failed and died but their last camp and remnants were not discovered until 1030.

(picture taken by one of the team members and found 33 years later)

These men were celebrated as heroes and had a royal funeral in Stockholm. But in later years the tide has turned and the expedition has been considered as a fool´s deed, doomed to perdition and the leader was an unrealistic dreamer who should be prosecuted for bringing his young companions into death...

A fascinating story... and this engineer Andrée was not the fantastic person he thought he was so maybe one has to connect this "you are what you think" to reality also emoticon

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