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Nearly Dead Living.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Are you living nearly dead?

How sick are you?

Have you ever asked yourself that question before, this is coming from my new homeopathic physician. How sick are you really? Do you even address how sick you are? Do you see yourself (sick) or do you see yourself (fat) in poor shape, connecting your (illnesses) to beginning out of shape? Will you continue this poor lifestyle with your poor diet and food relationship? Do you wish to be well?

These are the 5 questions you must address.

1.How sick are you really?
2.Do you even address how sick you are?
3.Do you see yourself sick or do you see yourself fat in poor shape, connecting your illnesses to beginning out of shape?
4.Will you continue this poor lifestyle with your poor diet and food relationship?
5.Do you wish to be well?

To answer these questions
I’m fully aware of how sick I am. I know I have IBS, Conflicting BP and BS, and I also have GI. Do I address how sick I am? No I don’t. I like to keep that under the rug when it comes to family & some friends. Those who are close to me knows it, but I don’t go out daily addressing it (you know) holding a campaign to share how sick I am. And yes, I do connect my illness to my (poor diet and lifestyle history). No, I do not plan to continue to live or lead my life this way, nearly DEAD! Yes, I wish to be well, but “well” isn’t the state of mind I want, I desire to be healthy, mentally, physically, and emotionally –when I look at the word (well) I see it drying up –so to speak. I do not wish to dry up. I want to soar and continue with my steps.

My new (NPC) Homeopathic Physician said. We can take something (positive) and turn it into a negative overnight –misleading information can lead you down dangerous roads, paths, turns, and whatnots. When he looked at me and told me I had overloaded my body with toxins within just those 2 weeks I hit the floor in tears.

I have, bruising under my skin, rashes on my body, and I am so sore to the touch it’s unbelievable. Bathing my body (Monday) night was a task. I had this massive headache and I could barely stand the bath water, and it made my headache worse. I had this headache for days. Days! I had it since last Thursday, and it left me when I went back to my old way of living, and I had to detox myself. I had to rid myself of toxins. I had a toxic weight gain. 162.8 “Now” I am back to 155.4, but still. All of that nonsense and misleading information sent me backwards.

To hear, no you do not have an eating disorder, lifted one hell of a weight off my shoulders. To find out that (that label) made me become dangerously toxic because I rebounded by, eating crap and this sent me in the state of living nearly dead. 2 weeks I mistreated my body. 2 weeks! And this label made me somewhat depressed.

He told me. You have a choice, it’s all up to you now, but you do have a choice in how you choose to live and lead your life. He looked at my husband and said. Your wife lifestyle isn’t an eating disorder. A raw lifestyle does change the body quickly. It does cause the body to release unwanted weight, no your wife doesn’t have an eating disorder; because she chooses to eat (healthier meals) doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder. He said you’re the one with the eating disorder and you choose to live nearly dead, and to lead and live a toxic lifestyle. She doesn’t have to crossover to your team and become toxic like you. Her body can’t stand it.

This man was so good that I gave him a big ole hug, because what I had done in the past 2 weeks was madness, but I wasn’t crazy, I didn’t have an eating disorder, and he explained so many things and how my body works. How it reacts to food, why it reacts in this way, and what I can do to get back on top with the right vitamins and nutrition. He said guidance is what you needed 2 weeks ago, and you didn’t get that, you got the run around. What you got was a label, and you fought back by eating (dangerously) and he’s right. I did fight back with a dangerous lifestyle and I made myself sick and toxic. I do not wish to live or lead my life nearly dead, and that was his statement. Are you living nearly dead? Ask yourself that question. Are you living nearly dead?

I hope this vblog help you on your (health journey).
Peace & Blessings

Edit to add...
Hi sparkers, over the weekend during your pass time I want you all to view this YouTube video. My new Homeopathic shared this with me, and I’m so grateful that I watched this YouTube video. He told me, we have to stop saying (we can’t) when something is difficult to do. He shared this video so we as a family could view this together so my husband can understand (the whys) of my lifestyle change and why I choose to change. My homeopathic said he believes a lot of my skin issues are addressed in this film. And why living a natural whole lifestyle is best for me. So, I want you all to view this, give me your comments and feedback after watching. If you want to pass it on to your friends, let them witness this man’s journey to clean healthy living to healing himself from illness.

I hope it opens. It's 1 hour and 30 minutes. Enjoy and learn from this.

Once again.
Peace & Blessings.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CARMEL_466
    Thank you ladies. I got a lot out of both videos. Very informative.
    2285 days ago
    Glad to hear that you are finding the balance and way of eating that works for you. Super relieved that you are not battling an eating disorder. I'm fixing to juice my watermelon. It is my new drink of choice these days. I love it watered down, especially when I come in from mowing. The heat has been so oppressive here. emoticon

    Here is to good health and doing what you know is best for you and your body. emoticon emoticon
    2286 days ago
    Excellent and many blessings in and on this wonderful journey. Just say yes!!!

    I just recently rewatched this documentary and was so blessed by this. I join my sister on Saturday with our journey - I am stocked and loaded for the journey as I have come upon some challenges, that can only be resolved through prayer and fasting.

    However, I also watched "May I Be Frank" and that film is a great work - check it out:http://www.hulu.com/watch/46671
    2286 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/8/2013 11:39:15 PM
    Thanks for sharing! You are doing great!
    2286 days ago
    Thx for sharing! I wish you blessings on your journey!!!
    2286 days ago
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