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YoYo beats NoYo+

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I had a good scale week and dropped 5 pounds. Funny thing was that I did the same amount of exercise and ate the same calories as the week before, when I dropped less than 2 pounds, or the week where I dropped .2 of a pound!

And really, it doesn't matter. In that this is not a RACE to goal. It's a lifestyle change that I'll have to stick closely to for the rest of my life - or the weight comes back on.

When I entered my loss, my tracking chart came up. It shows a loss of 32 pounds. Nice, right? That's a success! Which I need to remember. Because that is 32 pounds over 3.5 years. Because a year in, I stopped Sparking and started to drift back into my old eating habits and then I stopped exercising. It's the classic Yo-Yo. Which I've done many times in my 50 years.

But then I remind myself that even when I left Spark, I kept some healthy habits like breakfast, no more cream and sweetener in my 5-6 daily cups of coffee, and eating an apple every day. Of course, lots of the unhealthy habits came back, but there was still a health gain. And, three years after starting Spark, I weighed less than when I began. Which, if I had never joined Spark, would have been another 20 pound gain - based on historic annual weight gain of 10 pounds - bringing me close to 400 pounds. Instead, I'm now close to 300 pounds and I expect that by Halloween, I'll in my two's!!!

So, even though I DO wish that I'd stuck with Spark, because I would have been at my goal and maintaining for the past year if I had, I'm still grateful for the YoYo, instead of a NoYo with the steady 10 pounds a year weight gain.

Somewhere in the past week, I read a quote about weight loss not being a steady decline, but that it was more like a series of ups and downs, but if we keep at it, if we don't get discouraged, we can get there.

Now, it's easy to feel encouraged and cheerful in a week where the scale is showing significant results. The trick will be feeling this positive the next time I don't lose, or even show a small gain. The trick lies in reminding myself that this way of eating and healthy, happy movement is now part of my daily life, not some restrictive regime that isn't real life. This is it if I want to keep enjoying my new strength and flexibility, if I want to lose the joint pain that comes from all the weight they have to carry when I walk and sit, and if I want to enjoy being free from fear that a restaurant or plane seat will be too small for my 59 inch hips (and those hips are five inches smaller than they were back in January, incidentally).
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    You're doing good....keep on track !! emoticon I hope you have a great week emoticon emoticon
    2873 days ago
    emoticon 32 lbs is an amazing loss, you should revel in that more often. I'm just getting back into it (thanks for the message on my blog btw) after yo-yo-ing back up to my original weight and I remember when I was losing the weight last time, every time the scale didn't move, I told myself it was water retention and I just kept working on it. Somehow it helped. The scale can't always move, but we can.

    Keep At It! We're Here For/With You! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2874 days ago
    I remember blogging about finding myself in a restaurant booth that was HUGE ... I was so far from the table ... and then realized it was cuz of my weight loss, lol ... and I hadn't been in a booth for a long time.
    2875 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    emoticon emoticon keep on Sparking and enjoy the journey!
    2876 days ago
    emoticon Nice re-cap of your journey. It is so true, I did the same, was clipping along and lost 50 lbs. took me the better part of 2 years then something happened last year and I gained 37 back! I know, crazy right? Well I got back on the saddle the end of June and have lost almost 11 lbs. so I would say I am on the right track. I am working on exercising, I usually have 2 good exercise days a week. I need to up it though. I am doing the slow and steady course. I know me, if I jump in with both feet, I get very OCD and end up hurting myself. So I am taking a page from the turtle, slow and steady is the key. And the YoYo thing so very true. Even in this leg of my journey I have gone up and down in the weight. The scale is not always correct. I weigh to see where I am at that day and make adjustments as needed.

    So glad you are back! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to celebrate your successes with you and give you comfort when you need it.
    emoticon emoticon
    2877 days ago
    WOO HOO !! congrats fro being positive and you can do this .. YOu all ready are !!
    2877 days ago
    Great blog! I would say this is a sort of non-scale victory, too. My husband tells me that weight loss is not a linear process-I try to keep that in mind and enjoy it's stair step nature. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2877 days ago
    emoticon on the great week!! But even more KUDOS for sticking to it through the ups and downs. I've been on SP for 7 years now and my weight has fluctuated up and down, plateaud for 3 years and is now again at that plateau range. The important thing is to NEVER give up - no matter what the number on the scale says. As you pointed out - the healthy habits you are incorporating into your life is what counts! Keep up the great work. I have no doubt you'll be in TWOVille by Halloween!! emoticon
    2878 days ago
    I find each time I fall off the wagon I retain more of the good habits and pick up fewer bad ones... at this rate I'll figure out how to stay on the wagon all the time by the time I'm 80.... But staying on it more often is still a improving quality of life.

    Congrats on the steady 10 pounds/year loss. That is indeed a victory.
    2878 days ago
    Awesome! I'm glad that like me, you too look for a silver lining.
    2878 days ago
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