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My next great adventure...

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I'm so excited I can barely type about it, but when I get down to thinking about it I think I'm equal parts nervous and excited! My next great adventure is going to be climbing Half Dome in Yosemite National Park!!! Anyone who's familiar with the North Face brand will recognize it as their logo or from iconic pictures like this one:

The part that they don't show you is how you get up to the top, the famous cables!

It's steep with huge drops on either side...people have fallen to their deaths there, but mostly from not following the rules or not paying attention to what they're doing. Blake and I are going with a group of family friends. I think there will be 10 of us in all, ranging from an 8-year old to an almost 50-year old. I'm going to take it slow, but still, I'm secretly hoping I'm not the lollygagger in the back that everyone has to wait for! I guess I'll just take my time and enjoy the nature if I am. Haha!

Some crazy, in-shape people do the summit and descent as a single-day hike in and out. It's 15-17 miles roundtrip with almost 5,000ft elevation gain. There's no way I'm ready for that...luckily, neither is anyone in my group. Instead, we'll hike in about halfway to camp at the beautiful Little Yosemite Valley at the top of Vernal and Nevada Falls. The next morning we'll get up before the sun does to beat the crowds up the sub-dome and to the cables.

To be honest, I think I can make it through the grueling hike. I'm super happy that I've been doing boot camp for the last month. I've gotten much much better at waking up early and it's helped me on the path to being in shape. I did practice hike last weekend with B and my fully loaded backpack and it wasn't too, too bad. I slept like a baby after only 8 miles! The cables are the part that I'm nervous about, but my boots are grippy and I have a pair of gloves. One step at a time and I'm sure I can make it to the top!!


When (not if!) I make it, it will be a huge life accomplishment. I've had my eye on the hike since the spring of 2007, when I went camping in Yosemite Valley with a bunch of girlfriends. We weren't up for it then, but I think I can do it now! Yeah!

In other news, the challenge is going well. I totally pigged out at a Japanese steakhouse on Sunday night and am still working to get that poundage back off. It tasted good as I ate it, but I felt nasty afterwards and the next morning it popped my weight up by like 2 pounds! It's coming back off though now that I'm eating normally. I'm a little sad because since I'm going away into the woods I'm not going to be able to post all my fitness minutes to help my awesome Teddy Bear team along. Actually...I know I'll be doing at least 120 minutes of walking a day. Maybe I can pre-post?

Sooo....if no one on Spark has heard from me for awhile (I should be home late Sunday or Monday at the latest), I've either fallen off the mountain or fallen in love with the wild and decided to stay there! emoticon I'll post pics and stuff when I get back.

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