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8/5/13: Ugghhhh.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

That's pretty much the only way to describe today.

Had a frustrating time getting my yoga app to get everything saved... I was creating a new sequence and it took like an hour because it kept going "back" and not saving my progress. Quite a good sequence involving lots of stretching, some shoulder stands, and some balance poses like crane/crow (I've heard them called both) and scale and I'd love to do rooster but I can't get my arms in between my legs when I'm in lotus.

Didnt want to run. Ran anyway. Sprints were horrendous. I mean in a semi good way. I was working up into faster sprints and at one point I seriously thought i was gonna fall on my nose. I started sprints at 7.8 mph and zig-zagged a bit until i did one sprint interval at 9.0... In between intervals was a 3.5 mph walk (30 s sprint / 1 min walk)... except twice I did 1 min sprint? I just kinda... made it up... It's long but basically the two 1 min sprints were the second and last intervals and at 7.8 mph as a kind of cool down and warm up (before the actual cool down and only after the actual warm up!)

After the run I felt sooo worn down. My neck where the gland is swollen was pulsating and really hurt :\ It wasn't fun.

I really had wanted to lift too... So I got off my bum and tried upper body. I made it 10 mins before feeling way too tired. Any gains I might have made? Down the drain. Maybe I shouldn't lift after yoga AND running?

After all of this, I wanted a smoothie and to make it delicious. I've made it before and it was so good before, but today for some reason it tasted horrible. Like I don't even know how it could taste like that. It wasn't necessarily BAD, like I could drink it, but it didn't taste at all like vanilla, cherries, bananas, or carrots. It was just... bland? It was odd.

I was so cold today too. It was HOT outside and I was fine during/after exercise, but once the heart rate went down and my body cooled off I was freeeeezing.

I've just felt so lethargic... yesterday it started, and I thought it was just you know, being on a rest day... but today, a day I wanted to get stuff done, I just... didn't have energy. I don't understand very well because I've been eating pretty well- not a lot of empty calories- and I've been eating MORE... Last night I pushed myself to eat PB toast and honey with hot cocoa and got my calories up, and lately I've been getting ~1500 (more than usual for me).

I know I haven't been sleeping well, but I've had the opportunity to have ample sleep... my body just won't let me :
Oh and today my mom checked some of my other lymph nodes and the noticeable ones on the neck/jaw/behind the ear region? On my right side, all swollen. My armpit is even hurting and while my mom was trying to feel the node there I made her stop because it didn't feel right... it was a weird sensation of both pain and numbness.

My mom originally suggested I call my Dr and set up an appointment for before I go back to school, but then when I said I do seem to have some dripping in the back of my throat, she said it was probably just a cold.

Maybe... I've had some horrible colds though and absolutely nothing has made my lymph nodes swell, so it's concerning me still. I don't like being so run down.

Just an ugh day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling a bit better.
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    I often put off a doc visit thinking it will "clear up" ...whatever "it" happens to be and nothing good ever comes of putting it off. Call the doc....it might result in you feeling better sooner! emoticon emoticon
    2840 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13976750
    You want to be fit for school. Call the doc.

    2840 days ago
  • KONRAD695
    Lex, call the doc. There might be a new strain of something in your area. At least they could help tell what to do or not to do.
    2840 days ago
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