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It's all about what I CAN do

Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Can-Do attitude: That's what works the best for me.

Instead of thinking in terms of what I cannot do (run a mile, or eat eat a piece of cake), I do best when I think of what I CAN do - walk a mile, eat fruit or a bit of cake. Thinking positively puts my mind in that zone where I am taking care of myself and I FEEL cared for. It feels good to make decisions based on what my body or mind needs, instead of what is easy or I just "feel" like doing.

I'm not saying that I deprive myself - no that doesn't work for me at all. I am just getting better at portion control, and eating more healthy alternatives. One side effect, if you will, of the different eating is that I actually crave water and fruit now. I still like my WW chocolate in the evening, but I make sure that I have water and fruit available always. I LIKE water now. I look forward to apples, grapes, cantaloupe, all of them. Strangely enough, I'm not crazy about store-bought fresh strawberries because they're usually not that sweet.

Back to topic - when I think about what I can do, I feel happy, and excited, and look forward to my day. That positive attitude just sets me up to succeed, because success is so much about attitude. Which reminds me that success usually means that I have "failed" a bunch of times to get there. Success is no longer defined by reaching the goal the first time, but by continuing to go for it and then achieve it - not giving up. That requires a positive attitude or a really strong will (which I think I lack when it comes to some things like resisting chocolate, or making myself work out.) So thinking positive gets me around the willpower deficit.

Today I CAN:

Eat a healthy breakfast
Walk extra steps outside
Visit with friends and family
Do chores (this is a positive because I had trouble with this for months)
Bathe my dogs
Go shopping
Make healthy choices one decision at a time
Help someone else
Enjoy the sunny weekend
Drink delicious cold water

Now I feel so grateful for what I CAN do. I enjoy doing all of those things.

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